Oslo, Norway















Oslo is the capital of Norway, so my expectations for this city was pretty high.  We got off the boat in some rainy & cold weather, but we were not going to let that get in the way of a fun day.  The biggest attraction we wanted to see in Oslo was the Vigeland Sculpture Park.  This park has over 200 sculptures which essentially showcases Gustav Vigeland‘s life’s work.  There are so many sweet baby and children sculptures, some are a little creepy,  some show really raw human emotion, but at the heart of the park is the most well known- The Monolith – which was made from a single piece of granite and took three mason’s 14 years to make.  It’s a little strange looking at it up close, all the bodies intertwined together… add to that all the extremely provocative sculptures surrounding it… anyway… look it up, or click the links highlighted in this paragraph to fully grasp what I’m talking about.

The park itself was very picturesque and even on a rainy day the landscape design was stunning.  The flowers we blooming so bright!  I can only imagine how packed that place must be on a beautiful day, it was perfect for a picnic and a game of hide and seek.

The other spot we really wanted to enjoy was a quaint little fishing village named, Drøbak, which is a very traditional Norwegian fjord town.  Very cute, lots of art, and of course a Christmas store open year round!  The boys enjoyed exploring the marina, deciding what kind of boat we were going to get, and devoured some delicious ice cream in the sweetest little shop- no pun intended ;).

All-in-all… It was a really great day in Oslo!


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