Christmas Day, 2016


This little guy has enjoyed Christmas as an only child two years in a row.  I keep telling him that once his sibling arrives, Christmas will never be the same.  He is going to have to learn to share and be more patient ;).  Since this was his last year with this privilege, we tried to make it extra special for him.  I woke up before him and made his favorite breakfast- biscuits with honey drizzled on top, daddy spent time helping him open and assemble every gift from Santa, then we got ready for Grandma Dietrich’s!


^^ my fave ^^



At Grandma Dietrich’s we had the yummy french toast casserole with the sugar bacon, fresh made hot chocolate with the largest assortment of marshmallows… this preggo was in heaven!!  Bennett spent the whole day with his cousin, Luca, who just turned one on Friday.  Luca is just the sweetest baby in the world!  He always wants to love and hug on Bennett, B doesn’t quite get it… it’s pretty darn funny to watch.



Santa spoiled this boy!  Can’t wait to see what he’s like next year with all the changes that are about to happen in his life :) It’s gonna be fun!

Merry Christmas!

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