Q&A- cameras

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions regarding what kind of cameras I use for my blog.  Great question!

Husband & I are by no means professional photographers. Our theory is if we take hundreds of random pictures, we may get a handful of great pictures.  ;)

So… here’s what’s in my camera bag:

1. Nikon Coolpix S8200- this is the camera I have on me at all times.  Yes, it’s a point & shoot.  And yes, it takes great pictures!

Unknown Unknown-1

2. Canon Rebel XT with a Canon Zoom Lens EF 24- 70 mm- This is my legit camera.  If I want to take impressive photos, this is the only camera I use.  The lens is what makes this camera awesome.  Check out this website for more information: Canon Lens Review



Tips for taking some decent pictures:

1. Try to take your pictures in natural lighting.  Especially during the dusk & dawn hours, these are the best times for magical picture moments.

2.  While you are taking pictures, try to keep them balanced with the rule of thirds.


3. Have your camera on you at all times!  You never know when a good photo opportunity may present itself!

Hope this was helpful, and good luck with your photography skills!

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