the piano & i have a love/hate relationship

The last few days I have been trying to teach myself how to read piano music again.  This has proved to be a very frustrating process, but nonetheless a rewarding one because after struggling to get through an entire song… all I want to do is play that one song over and over! And I love it!

I’m so blessed to have taken many years of piano lessons, where I can (not so easily) look at a sheet of music and figure out how to play a song… but really, there is so much MORE to music!  Just because I understand the concept of reading music and transferring it to my hands to produce a sound from the instrument… there’s much more to music that I don’t understand… and that’s ok!  It’s all about enjoying music. And that’s what I love.

I’ve watched this video a couple times since it was introduced to me by a fellow blogger and this video is what inspired this post:


Merry Christmas to me! ;)

Growing up I played the piano for over 8 years… then I quit as soon as I left for college…. WHY DID I QUIT?!? (so mad at myself) I love playing the piano, and I wish I was picking it up quickly, but I’m VERY rusty…  I can barely play anything.

Pretty much my whole life I have always dreamed of owning a Baby Grand.  I can’t wait to start taking lessons again!  Thank you, Husband!  You truly are the best!

Christmas came early!

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It’s probably the coolest thing about being a grown up… going out on a weekday…  Of course, instead of it being a “school night” it’s a work night, which I’m definitely paying for today, but TOTALLY worth it.  Steven Tyler was just as fabulous as I thought he would be and I loved every second of his electrifying dance moves & that raspy voice!  Aerosmith– I will never miss a show again.  Promise.

The picture below is of the guitar player of Cheap Trick who was the opening act… seriously?!?  That is not an optical illusion, folks!


Rock Concerts on School Nights