Iceland :: Southern & Eastern Region (Part Two)






Iceland 2018 2


IMG_7379 (2)



Iceland 2018

Unknown location but it sure was pretty!


IMG_7366 - Copy


Iceland 2018 3

Glacier Lagoon

IMG_7411 (2)

Iceland 2018 4

IMG_7360 (2)

IMG_7419 (2)





IMG_7420 (2)


IMG_7359 - Copy


IMG_7365 (2)




More unknown locations that are just too amazing not to share...



Iceland 2018 5








Iceland 2018 6

Renting a car and driving yourself around this country is the only way to do it.  You have the freedom to stop wherever you want, spend as much time as you want, doing whatever you want.  Everywhere you turn there are scenic spots for photo ops.   Also, I highly recommend renting a wifi adapter for your car because it saved us on multiple occasions where cell service was a little spotty.

Skogafoss waterfall was so impressive.  You can feel the spray of water hitting the ground from many yards away.  As you get closer you start to feel smaller and smaller as a human being against the expansiveness of it’s size.  We did climb the stairs to the top to admire the view.  It was worth the (what felt like) million flights of stairs to see all the beautiful greenery and livestock lounging.  From there we moved on to Svartifoss.  Svartifoss was definitely a harder hike to get to.  We didn’t hike the entire way where you can look up from below in the valley at it, but we made it far enough to see a good angle of it at the top of the mountain.  What makes it so awesome is the pattern of the dark lava columns surround it, which is where it gets its name from.

After the waterfalls we made it to the glacier lagoon, where we were totally blown away.  HUGE icebergs actively falling off of the glacier into the lagoon and heading out to the ocean.  When the fall off they flip over and are this incredible shade of indigo.  Please see the ninth photo under “Glacier Lagoon” you will see what I am talking about.  That specific piece of ice had just broken off and flipped.  It was awesome!  We did a boat tour which got us extremely close to the glacier, totally recommend if you go, even if it means freezing your hiney (sp??) off ha ha ha!  If you go across the street you will see where the icebergs move into the ocean side.  The broken ice that comes off the icebergs as they melt wash up onto the black sand beach and look like small diamonds.  It’s truly a sight to be seen!

We also got to see Búlandstindur (pictured above)nwhich is a pyramid shaped mountain in eastern Iceland- so cool!

Oh my, I know I am leaving soooo much out, but if you have a specific question about any of these spots (or any of my posts in particular) just ask!  Next post we are heading north!

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