All Aboard The Polar Express!







Oh, the joy and excitement on this child’s sweet face!!  If I could bottle it up and keep that emotion forever, I would!  He was in absolute train heaven!  From start to finish the whole experience was magical!  The train pulling into the station, tooting it’s loud horn, all the children dressed in their Christmas jammies, the conductor in every cart with awesome personalities (in full character I might add)!  Then, arriving at the NORTH POLE!!  To making and eating s’mores, drinking hot cocoa, all the lights, trains to play with all over the place, making reindeer food!!

It was just awesome.  That’s the only way to describe it.

I cannot wait to go back next year with Remy (he’s still a little to small for this event)!  If you want to go next year with your little ones, click here!  Make sure to go on right when the tickets go on sale because they sell out FAST!


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