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First trip without the boys!!

Short and sweet, our vacation to Martha’s Vineyard was cut by a full day because of Hurricane Jose that decided to blow high gusts of wind and rain in that direction right as we wanted to arrive.  Husband & I ended up having to spend a night in NYC, which ended up not being a bad thing since I got to fulfill a bucket list thing and stay in The Plaza Hotel!  It was everything I dreamed it would be, felt like a princess for a night!  We also had an amazing dinner at Quality Meats which was INCREDIBLE!  It hasn’t even been a week and I’m already craving another meal there!  Highly, highly, highly recommend!

We finally got in to Martha’s Vineyard on Friday early afternoon where our friends (who generously invited us to stay in the cottage they were staying at with them) picked us up from the airport and we were off and running right away.  First stop was an old fisherman’s town called Menemsha, where we had some delicious lobster rolls and fresh shucked oysters at Larsen’s. Yummy!  Then we drove to where the cottage was in Edgartown aka the cutest little town of all time.  Seriously. When you think of Martha’s Vineyard, you think of Edgartown.  The colonial style homes with the shaker style shingles on the siding, all very uniform with slight variances that all match.  A quaint little town with cute store fronts and mom and pop restaurants… it was so nice!  We did some damage at the local Black Dog, and hopped over to Murdick’s for fudge and taffy.

That night we had a quiet dinner at Detente which was delightful.  We all got about 3 small plates each and shared.  Every bite was mmm mmmm good!

Saturday was our day to explore.  We cruised over to where Jaws was filmed, saw “Jaws Bridge”, then went through all the towns on the way to Gay Head Light, which is probably the most picturesque spot on Martha’s Vineyard.  We walked down to the clay dunes which were all shades of vibrant burnt orange and red.  It was overcast and cold out, but it sure was pretty scenery!

I didn’t get too many pictures, we were there with friends and it didn’t really cross my mind a whole lot to stop and take pictures.  I do plan to go again soon with the boys!  They would absolutely love it!  PS the final picture is of the Cape Air plane that we took from Martha’s Vineyard to Boston.  It held 7 people and everyone had to be weighed!  I thought it would be terrifying, but in fact it was just the opposite.  The pilot was super nice, the views from the plane were like none other, and it almost seemed like we were on a private jet!  Ha ha!

I know I’m missing a lot of details in this post but I will update as I think of them!


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