The Dietrich Boys Take NYC!
































Approximately number 13 on my bucket list would be to stay in a hotel that completely overlooks Central Park without any obstructions.  Well… CHECK!

Yes, it was excessive.  Just a little.  But dang, it was worth it!

The Dietrich boys painted the town red!  Our weekend started with a trip to The American Museum of Natural History which itself could have taken up an entire day if my boys were that patient.  When researching fun things to do with the kiddos in NYC, I saw that there was a limited time exhibit dedicated solely to the T-Rex!  Bingo!  From the moment we started the walk through, Bennett was engrossed by every little detail surrounding the ideals of this no longer existent predator.  There were sculptures of how scientists believe it was created, what it looked like as it transformed into the beast we know it as today, there were interactive tools that kids could enjoy to learn more, there was even a 3D video-like imagery that took up an entire wall (think maybe 2 times as big as a movie theater screen) of a T-Rex and baby stomping around the woods, breathing heavily, grunting, and staring at you directly like it was there in real life… yep!  That’s what we saw!  It was so life-like, Remy flipped the ‘F’ out!  He was so scared!  Poor guy, it kinda ruined him for the rest of the museum.

We moved on to the entire dinosaur wing, which is the largest dinosaur collection in the world (by the way), where Bennett had to see the Stegosaurus which is his current favorite dinosaur.  We also got to see the newest member to the museum, the Titanosaur, which was discovered in Patagonia, and the cast of this dinosaur is 122 feet long!  It’s only been there since 2016, go check it out next time you are in New York!

On Saturday we spent majority of the day in Central Park.  The boys loved climbing all the big rocks and staring out at the skyline.  We rode the Carousel, which they absolutely hated.  We then moved on to the small, but fun (!!) Central Park Zoo.  Our favorite thing to see was the penguins.  They were SO interactive!  They loved coming up to the glass window and diving right in front of everyone, they really put on a great show for us!

To top off the trip we had a late lunch at Serendipity 3 where we indulged on the frozen hot chocolate (the best!), then moved on to Dylan’s Candy Bar where Bennett got a cotton candy bigger than him!

We had such a great time and did more than I thought we would!  There’s just something about doing all the kid things in NYC that is just SO.MUCH.FUN.  Seeing and experiencing everything new to them is what makes patenting the best!  I don’t know… now that I have my sons, I feel like I have such limited time to share with them.  I want to show them the world!  We are not promised tomorrow, take the trips now! Who cares if they are wearing the latest designer outfits and who cares if they miss so-and-so’s 3rd birthday?  Make the sacrifice, plan the trip, and go.  There’s nothing more educational than traveling.  I promise.  Someone once asked me, “Why do you travel so much?  Do you not like being home?” It really took me aback a little bit and made me judge that person slightly (if I’m being honest)… my response was probably something like…. “uhhhh… because we love it… and it’s awesome!!” but really, I felt happy in that moment with this person, because it’s not every day you get to try to influence someone to travel more :)

Anyway, that’s my daily rant for now!  WE LOVE NYC!  Gotta go pick up my little rugrats from escuela!

P.S. Guess who’s turning 4 years old on Wednesday?!?!?!?

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

…And the busiest!  Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to this holiday season!



New York City

Golf Cart Parade



Boat Parade


Gingerbread Houses

Christmas Eve






Christmas Morning and Day









It was by far the best Christmas yet!  Hope you & yours had a wonderful Christmas as well!


Martha’s Vineyard








First trip without the boys!!

Short and sweet, our vacation to Martha’s Vineyard was cut by a full day because of Hurricane Jose that decided to blow high gusts of wind and rain in that direction right as we wanted to arrive.  Husband & I ended up having to spend a night in NYC, which ended up not being a bad thing since I got to fulfill a bucket list thing and stay in The Plaza Hotel!  It was everything I dreamed it would be, felt like a princess for a night!  We also had an amazing dinner at Quality Meats which was INCREDIBLE!  It hasn’t even been a week and I’m already craving another meal there!  Highly, highly, highly recommend!

We finally got in to Martha’s Vineyard on Friday early afternoon where our friends (who generously invited us to stay in the cottage they were staying at with them) picked us up from the airport and we were off and running right away.  First stop was an old fisherman’s town called Menemsha, where we had some delicious lobster rolls and fresh shucked oysters at Larsen’s. Yummy!  Then we drove to where the cottage was in Edgartown aka the cutest little town of all time.  Seriously. When you think of Martha’s Vineyard, you think of Edgartown.  The colonial style homes with the shaker style shingles on the siding, all very uniform with slight variances that all match.  A quaint little town with cute store fronts and mom and pop restaurants… it was so nice!  We did some damage at the local Black Dog, and hopped over to Murdick’s for fudge and taffy.

That night we had a quiet dinner at Detente which was delightful.  We all got about 3 small plates each and shared.  Every bite was mmm mmmm good!

Saturday was our day to explore.  We cruised over to where Jaws was filmed, saw “Jaws Bridge”, then went through all the towns on the way to Gay Head Light, which is probably the most picturesque spot on Martha’s Vineyard.  We walked down to the clay dunes which were all shades of vibrant burnt orange and red.  It was overcast and cold out, but it sure was pretty scenery!

I didn’t get too many pictures, we were there with friends and it didn’t really cross my mind a whole lot to stop and take pictures.  I do plan to go again soon with the boys!  They would absolutely love it!  PS the final picture is of the Cape Air plane that we took from Martha’s Vineyard to Boston.  It held 7 people and everyone had to be weighed!  I thought it would be terrifying, but in fact it was just the opposite.  The pilot was super nice, the views from the plane were like none other, and it almost seemed like we were on a private jet!  Ha ha!

I know I’m missing a lot of details in this post but I will update as I think of them!


It’s been a while, but…


 …things are about to get a little more hectic around here!  Baby Dietrich No.2 is on their way!  This pregnancy has been kicking my butt, a complete contrast to when I was pregnant with Bennett.  Probably because when you are pregnant for the first time, you aren’t chasing around a toddler who wants to get into everything, and when you have a headache or your back is killing you from the additional weight you are gaining you can just go lay down and relax… Not with a 15 month old!  The days go by in a flash, and we are busy, busy, busy!  But we could not be more excited that our family is growing, and even though Bennett doesn’t seem pumped to have a sibling (he has no clue what’s about to go down), I know that he will enjoy the company, playmate, sidekick, partner in crime, etc…

Now that I’m officially half way through this pregnancy, I am starting to get my energy back and not feel as sick anymore.  Husband & I went to NYC for his birthday about a month ago and had a great time just the two of us.  It was a different experience this time because we weren’t consumed with seeing touristy things.  We were able to go at our own pace and do whatever we wanted!  So we strolled through Central Park, spent some time shopping in Barney’s, ate some wonderful Indian food at Bengal Tiger (highly recommend), and saw Paramour on Broadway.


Anyway, I plan to get back into the groove of blogging.  I’ve definitely missed it!

Concrete Jungle Weekend


When Husband informed me that he had never been to the Empire State Building I made it a point to check that off his bucket list.  It was a cold & dreary day, but I was determined.  And I’m so glad I got to be there with him to see the sights!  Even though it was not the best of weather circumstances, it was still a stunning panoramic view that everyone must see at least once in their lifetime.








^^ Belgian Waffles :: side note- Baby D & I did not stop eating the entire time. ^^




^^ In front of Radio City Music Hall before the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular {which was AWESOME by the way!!} Don’t’ mind my chapped lips.  They have been destroyed since Chicago last weekend… ^^


^^ {phone pic} a smooch in front of Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree. ^^


My favorite part of this trip was, without a doubt, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.  I am one of those people who will forever remember where I was and what I was doing the day of the 9/11 attacks on the United States.  I watch every single 9/11 documentary that I see on TV and cry uncontrollably for the victims and their families.  So of course going to the museum, I knew what was going to happen… I turned into a weeping puddle of mush.  The museum brings to life recollections of the day that you would never see on TV.  Vivid pictures of people taking their own lives, powerful final phone calls & voice messages left on answering machines of trapped victims calling their families to say “good-bye”, pictures of protestors begging for New York not to “rebuild on their family members grave”… heartbreaking.

Although the memories are very depressing, the museum also highlighted the true heroes of that horrific day.  Obviously they honored the brave men and women of the FDNY & NYPD, but they also told stories of unknown heroes.  One story in particular really stuck with me, there were a group of workers in the World Trade Center that worked with a gentleman who was wheelchair bound.  When they realized that they needed to evacuate they knew that they would need to carry this paralyzed man down the 80+ flights of stairs as a team.  Even though there was mad chaos all around them, it was hot and congested with people frantically trying to get out, and the man was becoming increasingly heavier the further down they got, they did not give up.  They saved that guy!

Anyway, if you are ever in the New York area, please go visit the memorial and museum.


^^ Even in the rain, the memorial pools are so beautiful. ^^



^^ beams from one of the original towers ^^


^^ Missing Posters :: After 9/11 family members and friends of those who had not returned home from the World Trade Center posted missing person fliers throughout the city.  When hope for survivors faded, the missing fliers became memorials. ^^


^^ “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” -Virgil ^^

This wall was a compilation of work from several different local New York artists.  They were asked to paint a canvas of the color the sky was the day of the attacks.  When put all together it became one big work of art that took my breath away.  So beautiful.


^^ Love that Texas flag in the left hand of Lady Liberty :) ^^