Twenty-Nine Week Bumpdate


Happy Valentine’s Day!  & hooray(!!!) for officially being in my third and final trimester!

Woke up this morning to some gorgeous red roses, Starbucks, lots of puppy kisses, and plenty of ninja kicks from Baby D ;).  Best Valentine’s Day morning yet!  Life could not be sweeter! Oh my goodness, this baby is so active, the nights of no sleep that I have been dreading have begun.  It’s constant movement all day every day.  At my last OB appointment, the doctor told me a active baby is a happy baby :).  I sure hope this baby is a happy camper in there… we are not quite ready for he or she to make their debut just yet.  11 weeks to go and the next time I bumpdate we will be in the single digits.  I’m still feeling pretty good although the simple tasks of life are definitely getting harder.  Bending over to pick things up off the floor, shaving my legs, lifting myself up out of bed, etc… all becoming more and more challenging.  But nothing I can’t handle and it’s nice knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel getting a little brighter.

In health related news, I had the always popular glucose test done at my last appointment.  I got the call last week that the test results were inconclusive and that I have to now go in for the three hour test.  Boooooo….. not looking forward to that.  But ladies, stop telling preggo women that the glucose drink is soooooo terrible.  It’s not.  Just get the fruit punch flavor, it literally tastes just like cherry kool-aid.  Not bad at all.  I’ll update y’all with my results from the long test next week.

Something I keep repeating in my head is: wow, this is the last Valentine’s Day as a family of two.  I thought the same thing on New Years, Christmas, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc… I was talking to Husband this morning about it.  I asked him if he had thought about the fact that this time next year we are going to have a little rugrat probably crawling around and trying to pull itself up on all the furniture and tormenting the dogs ;)  It got me all giddy inside. I’m so looking forward to every little thing!  Can’t wait to be a mommy!  Love you Baby D!  Now I’m off to celebrate the day with my Boo Thang!  The days of my posts being solely about Husband seem to be tapering off ha ha ha!  It’s all about Baby!  But I do love you Husband, I couldn’t imagine being on this journey without you.  You are going to be the best Daddy in the whole world!


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