Pura Vida!

DSCN1896 - Version 2

Seriously… Costa Rica was amazing.

I’m looking though all of my pics from the trip & thinking it’s time to plan a trip back! ¬†We had so much fun meeting locals, enjoying the ocean & drinking cocktails out of coconuts, it made it almost impossible to leave!

So be patient with me as I get organized… I will have full vacation details soon!


See ya soon, Costa Rica!

Husband & I are about to board our flight from Miami to Liberia, Costa Rica… The google weather man says its going to be a hot 90 degrees and sunny the whole time we are there, so I plan on returning fully bronzed. Of course I self tanned for the last 3 days so I have some nice tan lines already that are very obvious around my wrist… My hands are so white compared to the rest of my body! Ha ha ha! When will they invent a self tanner that doesn’t stain the hands?

Anyway… Hope everyone has a great weekend!