A Southwestern Celebration :: Decade Anniversary










A long overdue post… again.

Husband and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary in April, yes, April… and it was amazing!  We really made up for the loss of not taking last year’s trip by going out west and enjoying the Zion/ Utah scenery!  We stayed one night at Under Canvas Zion.  It was a true glamping experience i.e. canvas tent, wood fire stove to keep you warm, zero electricity, gorgeous views (see above), but the “glam” part- running water (toilet and shower) woo hoo!  Some tents had this option, some did not.  It was an experience for sure!  I’m not a good camping buddy, so this was a challenge for me- I hate being cold and as soon as the wood fire went out at like 2 a.m. I was over it.  I also enjoy hot steamy showers and this was just never going to happen with a canvas tent letting all the warm air out :(. The views and food made up for all of this, and it was only one night, so we got through it.  I’m sure Bennett & Remy would have loved this.

The first full day we were there we hiked our first slot canyon with a local guide.  It was awesome!  Then we moved on to Zion National Park- did a quick hike for the incredible view of the canyon, then moved on to the resort I knew I would never ever ever ever ever want to leave, Amangiri

Now this was what I had in mind when celebrating my TEN YEAR wedding anniversary.  It was magical.  I’m not really going to elaborate on it, just know that if you go, everything will be handled, all luxuries in your head will be real, and prepare to be catered to the bougiest extreme.  We did a day on Lake Powell- again- magical.  Lots of slot canyons, my favorite was Labyrinth Canyon :)

I love these adventures that Husband & I choose to go on together.  It’s so fun to road trip together, jamming out to our favorite songs and laughing about all of life’s ups and downs that we have made it through so far… We talk about our babies WAY too much, but definitely had the best uninterrupted conversations about how wonderful life is right now.  Can’t wait to see what the next ten years hold for us, my love!  I’m so glad you’re my person.

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