Diez años

eephoto.bobbie.andy.wedding-376 - Version 2

Ten years, my love.  Ten.  Years.  Who would have thought?  Multiple moves, homes bought and sold, went from two offices to six (!!), three pups (down to one more recently), two absolutely perfect babies (well… we think that because they’re ours), countless trips and memories… life has been full of adventure and fun with you, my dear.  I cannot begin to express how wonderful this last decade has been.  You and me, me and you.  It certainly hasn’t been easy, we’ve put in a lot of work, yet the respect and love is still strong.  I would never want to imagine doing this life with anyone but you.  I love you, my precious husband.  Thank you for always taking such good care of me.  Cheers to the next decade of life with you!

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