Welcome, 2020


On the eve of the New Year I usually do a recap of all the exciting things we got to enjoy throughout the past twelve months, but this year, this brand new year, I just want to express how grateful I am for the life that I get to live.  There are so many wonderful moments, trips, experiences to indulge in talking about again, but really, nothing amounts to how fortunate I am to have my little family.  They keep me grounded, they teach me new things about myself every day- things I want to improve on, things I love about myself, things I need to be more patient with… My husband is such a wonderful anchor, making sure we are all taken care of.  He has been working so hard to give us a life most could only dream of.  He’ s truly a gift.  Every day, he is a gift.  I’m so lucky to have my mom living a half a mile from my house in my same neighborhood.  She is so generous with her time, helps me with the kids whenever I need her, travels with us… she’s just the best of the best.  I have the greatest in-laws anyone could ever ask for.  They make everything so special, I’m so glad my boys have them to make loving memories with. And last but certainly not least, we have the BEST friends, both from the past to more recent friendships- we are SO BLESSED with incredible friendships!

As for resolutions… I hope to forgive myself more for my shortcomings.  I hope to inspire someone.  I hope to bring only joy to the people around me.  I want to work hard at giving back.  Judge less.  Accept more.  I really want to build a stronger relationship with God.  And finally, I want to appreciate every moment, in the moment.

So, cheers to a new decade!  A fresh start!  A chance to be better human beings!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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