Washington D.C., 2018












Hey there!  I wanted to toss this pile of pictures from our weekend trip to D.C. up here on the bloggity blog before weeks pass and I lose all the details from my memory (which tends to happen more frequently now that I have kids and am getting older).  We really packed as much stuff into the two days we were there and when we got home on Easter Sunday we were completely wiped!  But I was so proud of all we accomplished!

When we arrived Friday we were off and running right away.  We dropped our bags at our gorgeous hotel, The Jefferson, then walked the few blocks to admire the White House.  It was not nearly as crazy as I thought it would be considering the polarizing views of the nation right now.  For some reason I thought there would be people protesting all around the property and vendors trying to sell anti trump loot… and maybe it’s because secret service keeps that kind of thing to a minimum because we did see vendors in other locations, but not directly in front of the residence.  It was so interesting seeing individuals with “Make America Great Again” baseball hats on standing next to another individual with “Dump Trump” across the chest of their t-shirt.  The White House was beautiful, the lawn was perfectly manicured (as expected) and seeing it as an adult you feel how honorable it would be to call that your home for four to eight years.  I had been to D.C. once as a kid, but I didn’t appreciate the trip or understand the meanings of the memorials completely.  This was Husband’s first trip to the Capitol so it was so nice to enjoy it together.

After the White House, we moved on to the Newseum.  This museum was highly recommended to us so it was a “must see” on our list.  I was really excited when I read up on the exhibits they are currently displaying, the first thing we wanted to experience was the Pulitzer Prize Photography Gallery.  I read a good quote from Eddie Adams, a Pulitzer Prize winner from 1969.  He said, ““If it makes you laugh, if it makes you cry, if it rips out your heart, that’s a good picture.”. SO TRUE!  Walking through the gallery was a mix of every emotion you could possibly have, so if you go, bring your kleenex!  So many incredibly moving photos of a moment in time that effected history in some way or another.  So many stories… stories of violence, starvation, illness, war, victories, drug use, immigration, life.  It was one of the most beautifully disturbing displays of photography I have ever experienced. The museum also had an exhibit for the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death that we checked out, which is always something I like to read about and see pictures of.  He was such an inspiring gentleman, his words effect me deeply every single time I hear or read them.  Growing up as a child in Texas and up through adult hood I have seen and heard many racist comments and jokes, and really didn’t think anything of it.  Now, as a parent with small children, it is my mission to not put that hatred and disgusting language into my boy’s growing minds.  All we should spread is love, never hate.  I wish Dr. King was still alive and that his mission for civil rights had been completed.  He left us too soon.

Friday evening we had made reservations at Marcel’s which was a total dining experience.  We went ahead and did the seven course chef tasting menu along with ALL the wine pairings.  Every single plate that emerged from the kitchen was impeccably displayed with perfect artistry and the food… oh my!  The food was fabulous!

Day two was all about cherry blossoms and monuments.  Most of the monuments & memorials we ended up seeing at night because we heard that it’s less crowded in the evening- which after doing this, I have found to be totally true- but the three we visited during the day were the Thomas Jefferson MemorialWashington Monument, and the World War II Memorial.  It was seriously the most perfect day out, blue skies with no clouds in sight.  The cherry blossoms were just starting to pop, so we didn’t get to experience the full bloom blossoms, but they were still gorgeous!

In the afternoon we visited the Arlington National Cemetery where the Kennedy’s are buried and where they perform the changing of the guard for the tomb of the unknown solider.  What a powerful thing to see!  Highly recommend if you are in D.C.!

We visited the Lincoln MemorialVietnam Veterans Memorial (slightly scary), World War I MemorialMartin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the FDR Memorial.  When we were exiting the Lincoln Memorial and looking down at the Reflecting Pool you couldn’t help but notice that shining bright in the sky was a perfect full blue moon.  Check out the final picture in this post!  It was amazing!

And of course our trip to D.C. would not have been complete without seeing the Capitol Building!  I feel like we barely scratched the surface of our nations capitol on this trip, and am so looking forward to the next time we go!  We will definitely be taking our boys with us- such a kid friendly city with fun festivals, museums, and ton of parks to explore!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

‘Til next time D.C., thanks for a memorable weekend!

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