Father’s Day Thoughts…

I have so many mixed feelings about Father’s Day.  I love celebrating my husband who is such a wonderful daddy to our two boys, and I love celebrating the amazing father that I had growing up, who was becoming just as wonderful of a grandpa to my boys before his sudden passing.  But at the same time, I will never be able to spend this holiday with my father again, and that realization is hard to accept.  The other day I was cleaning up some clutter in a decorative box that I keep on a table in our hallway, and I came across a card that my dad wrote to my husband.  This was given to my Husband for his first Father’s Day, and, unfortunately, it was my Dad’s last.  The sentiment in his words are so honest.  He really wrote it from the heart, and I want to share it with you guys…


“Dear Doctor Andy,

Happy Father’s Day from Kim & James! Thank you for giving us such a beautiful grandson.  Being a father is the greatest gift God gives us.  They say the greatest treasure a man has is his SON.  Time is the greatest thing you can give him.  Spending as much time with him gives you priceless quality enjoyment, that memories will be made forever.

You are a great Father and this child will be happy and loved his entire life.  Thank you for being a wonderful man.  You treat our daughter so well and we are truly blessed to be in you all’s life.

We respect and love you,

James & Kim Olson”

I miss all the time he generously gave to me and my brother, that I naively thought would last forever… Love you Papa Olson.

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