my boo-thang turned 33!

So… our weekend was pretty awesome!  Husband’s birthday was on Friday so we decided to grab some friends & family, and head to the beach.  The weather could not have been more beautiful!  Well… if the temperature would have dropped about 10 degrees… that might have been a little nicer, but it didn’t rain so I’m definitely not complaining!

Friday night we all went out to a nice dinner at Avanzare which is always delicious.  Saturday, we slept in, then woke up to a delightful breakfast (actually breakfast happened Saturday & Sunday morning) cooked with love by Chef Josh ;).  Then we headed out by the water to play some cornhole & throw the frisbee.

IMG_4702 IMG_4688IMG_4700IMG_4692



Husband’s parents surprised him with a paddle board where he got up on the very first try and stayed on for over 10 minutes!  I think the whole group was pretty impressed with his unknown balancing & upper-body-strengthening talent.

DSCN2772 IMG_4717

Oh! I even got to hang out with ^^this cutie^^ 2 days in a row!  This is the beautiful daughter of our friends, JT & Erin.  Isn’t she just the sweetest?? Gah, she’s adorable!

Happy Birthday, Husband!  Here’s to another year of life!  Cheers!