New Year, New Skin Routine

It’s no secret that I have always struggled with skin issues.  I have acne, blackheads, big pores, oily skin, moles from sun damage, dark spots, and now the newest issue- under eye circles (which I’m blaming on lack of sleep from baby).  I’m basically a dermatologist’s dream.  Three weeks ago I was sweating bullets as I walked into the derm’s office for the first time in YEARS!!  I should be going at least every six months!  Recently, my skin has been the worst it’s been a long time.  It was time to take control and seek professional help (and remove some suspicious moles at the same time).  Everything went great!  My Dr. eased my mind letting me know I do NOT have skin cancer yet ;).  It was that day that I threw out almost all of my old products that were no longer working for me, and invested in my aging adult skin.  Here are some products that are changing the game for me:

La Mer Cleansing Gel


So I start every morning washing my face with the La Mer Cleansing Gel.  It’s very gentle on my over sensitive skin, you don’t have to use too much per use (one pump is enough for me), and it lathers up real nice while cleaning thoroughly.

La Mer Oil Absorbing Tonic


Next, I use the La Mer Oil Absorning Tonic which has been one of the best products I have ever used.  My skin doesn’t even feel like my own!  This tonic has cut down on the oiliness of my skin dramatically while not stripping my skin of hydration.  I don’t know how it does it, but it works!

Finacea Gel


My dermatologist prescribed this for my adult acne problem and it has changed the whole texture of my skin.  My skin is visibly more healthy, the acne is completely under control (it’s almost gone!!), and it’s safe for breastfeeding mama’s like myself.  I use this after the tonic has dried completely, once in my morning routine, and again before I go to bed.

La Mer The Reparative Skin Tint


This product got mixed reviews on the website, but I am loving it!  My skin looks and feels like it’s glowing as soon as I put this on.  I don’t have a lot of time for makeup these days, so being able to use this as my go to for spf 30 and a tint so I don’t look like a ghost, well… that’s a win/win for me!  I put this on over my Finacea Gel, add a little mascara, and miraculously look put together enough to run errands and go to my mommy groups.

I do this routine once in the morning and again at night (minus the skin tint).  At night I usually use the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream or the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (much less expensive).  They are both consistently in rotation because they are thick in texture and seem to always help me wake up looking refreshed.  I still use the Coconut Oil as well, but only when the temperatures drop and my skin looks dull and dry.  I kind of blame some of my skin issues recently on the Coconut Oil… it may have been a little too greasy for my already oily skin.

I’m currently trying out two of the La Mer eye creams since the crows feet around my eyes are getting deeper every day.  Once I commit to one, I will update and let you all know what my thoughts are.  If you are like me and have similar issues, I would strongly suggest trying these products.  They are not the cheapest products on the market, but so far, my investment has been well worth the high price since my skin is finally balancing out and my acne is almost non existent.  As we age, our skin changes dramatically and has different needs from products.  Let’s not get in a rut of using the same products we were using when were younger and fresher!  This has been the best change I’ve made for myself in a long while.  And go to the dermatologist!  I sleep (a little bit) better at night knowing that my sun damage is not that bad and that my moles are being monitored.

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These are a few of my {current} favorite things.

Pores No More


I have never been the girl with good skin.  Forever oily with big pores… This stuff has changed my life. It completely smooths out my complexion and almost gives it an airbrushed finish.  I highly recommend if you have similar issues.

Capri Blue Candles


The best of the best!  The scents are not overwhelming but refreshing and long lasting.  Volcano and Rain are my faves.

Stuart Weitzman Wedges


The perfect summer sandal that I cannot seem to take off my feet because they are so comfy!  Obsessed.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow


This stuff is awesome.  If you are like me and struggling to grow in your brows after years of waxing and tweezing, then this product is your savior.  It instantly makes my brows look full and thick which is totally the brow trend right now, in case you didn’t know ;).  Ladies leave those brows alone… skinny, thin brows are a thing of the past.

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