Remington James :: Six Years Old





He’s six, y’all.  Six!

And he lost two lower teeth over the Christmas break.

My love for this boy is never ending, he truly makes my world go round.

My dear, Remington,

I wish I could bottle you up right now and keep you this age forever.  You have been my biggest supporter throughout this extremely difficult pregnancy with baby sister.  I have not been blogging much about it because I just do not have the energy to do anything extra these days, but just know that you, Remy, have been a rockstar for me.  Always hugging and kissing the bump, talking to the baby constantly, staring at her pictures with me, asking lots of questions about her… you are just the best!  And you are going to be THE BEST big brother!

I love that you are becoming a little (eensy weensy) bit more mature in life.  You are finally getting your own drinks and snacks most of the time and you are independently playing more.  You have such a fun zest for life!  I have never seen anything like it!  Today was your day and you were just so happy that it was all about you, we did every single thing your heart desired, at the times you wanted to do them.  You woke up, you told me you wanted a special breakfast of French toast sticks with Oreos, you then wanted to make sure you would be able to come to the cupcake shop with me so you could pick out the exact one you wanted, as soon as we got home we had to set up the table for the cupcakes and presents.  All presents were opened and cupcakes were devoured before lunch.  Then you had some super special alone time with Daddy where he took you to the trampoline park and y’all played uninterrupted for hours!  On the way home you got Mc Donalds, walked through door and played with all of your new Batman toys, and tonight you will be sleeping in new Batman jammies and super hero bedding on your bed!  Luckiest boy!

AND you have a “real” party next weekend!  With all your buddies!!  This preggo mama is wiped.  Done.  But I’d do it an infinite amount of times just to see that beautiful smile on your sweet little face.

I hope you know how deeply loved you are and how special you are to everyone who knows you.

I love you, my forever baby boy.


Remington James :: Four Year Old Super Hero!


















Hey!  What’s up?  Hello!

It’s a new year, y’all!  And with a new year, comes an immediate birthday for my babe who turned 4 on January 2nd!  We were at the beach last weekend, so we decided to throw a little shindig in the back yard yesterday for my Super Hero Remy!  He was in serious little boy heaven.  Some cousins, school friends, and neighborhood buddies joined us for the power packed fun in celebration of my sweet boy.  Every detail was perfection due to the fact that I was not the one planning anything.  I gave a party planner my idea and she RAN WITH IT!  Custom cake, table settings, capes, backdrop, cotton candy… It was absolutely amazing and I hope to do this again and again for future bdays!

My sweet baby boy, Remington James,

I hope you’re not disappointed that every birthday after this may not live up to this one… !!  You are one cool dude and this party matched your personality to a ‘T’, full of fun and excitement!  I cannot believe how big you are getting.  Everything about you is precious.   I love how every night when daddy & I tuck you into bed, you still need to make sure Mr. Giraffe is in your arms.  I also love that when night time cuddling comes to an end and it’s time for us to leave the room, you always ask, “Hey Mommy!  When the birds come on, can we come down and sleep in your bed?!?” (The Hatch wakes them up with a bird chirp every morning- that’s how the boys know it’s time to get up).  I love that more and more you tell me how much you love me, and how much you love my outfit, or that I “look cute” or “I’m such a cutie” because that’s what I tell you all the time.  You are so incredibly sensitive and are always quick to say sorry when you know something was wrong. (I’m not sure if you always mean it… but you at least say it). I love how excited you get about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in life!  It could be that it’s Friday and you know I always pick you up early on Fridays and we get to spend the whole weekend together, it could be me making you dinosaur nuggets, it could be us getting ready to go to Grandma’s house, or Kay Kay is coming over and you get to ride your scooter with her while she walks the dogs, or the mailman just dropped the mail in our mail slot and you can’t wait to grab it for me… the excitement in your face just makes my heart melt.  You love your brother so much it almost hurts.  You always need all of his attention which can come across pretty aggressive at times, but you just cannot handle being in the same room with him and not be playing with him or watching him do something cool or learning from him… I love watching y’all interact and grow together (when it’s not a full on meltdown which does happen quite often too).

And oh my word, you are so dang handsome.  You don’t even have to try, it just comes naturally for you.  You can just give me those eyes with the long dark lashes, and your  fabulous head of messy blonde hair that is always somehow effortlessly perfect… gosh you are beautiful.  I’m worried for your teenage years…

Most importantly, I want you to know that the last four years with you have been beyond cherished.  You bring so much joy with your bright smile and hilarious personality, I just adore you so much.  Please don’t ever let anyone dull your shine!!!

You are my baby boy, and I love you endlessly.  Happy 4th birthday.


Final note since I didn’t get a chance to last week… Happy New Year to anyone who still reads this thing… ha ha ha!  I truly hope for a better year than the last and that peace can fill the hearts and minds of everyone who has been psychologically traumatized by all the craziness and uncertainty we have ALL been through.