for Husband & Myself.

Wall space.

Amazing backyard space, couch bed, & Husband’s (next) closet space.

Carpeted stairs. YES!  I’m doing this.

Since I’m in a redecorating mood… there’s so much inspiration on Pinterest!!!

Home inspiration memo…

The seasons are changing, y’all!  Although, here in Florida we aren’t feeling much of a temperature change, it’s still nice to see some diversity (not much but some) in color around here.

For those who don’t know, I love the month of October… Halloween parties, costumes, candy, and for some reason I have a lot of friends/ family with birthday’s in this month.  Time to celebrate!!  Thank goodness for Pinterest… let’s get crafty and bake something!


It might be Fall!

For Husband & Myself.

Funfetti cake batter pancakes, birthday beer labels, stud muffin coffee mugs.

British themed Hunter rain boots, ombre french mani, flower child headbands.

Cool kids on longboard skateboards, Man Soap, framed sheet music.

Things I’m currently obsessing over…