Bennett Meets Great Grandma Kellum!!




I wish I could have bottled this moment up and save it forever.  Talk about sweetness!! Bennett was absolutely smitten with his Great Grandma Kellum!!  They sat around and chatted about anything and everything together :).  She could not get over how big he has gotten in just two short months.  She shared cute stories with him about Husband & I, and pushed him in his stroller up and down her street.  It was a short trip, but the best trip!

Memories like this are worth the struggle of traveling with an infant.  Since this was Bennett’s first time on an airplane, I tried my best to be as prepared as possible.  I read lots and lots of mommy blogs, researched best travel techniques, bought travel gear… but nothing can really prepare you for the unknown of what your baby will actually do.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate Bennett’s first flight (round trip) a 7.5.  Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great.  No blowouts or full-on meltdowns, but we did have some ear aches which caused some loud and sudden screams, and he did have to be held up on my shoulder in what was possibly the most uncomfortable position I have ever had to sit in… for an hour… straight…. no breaks… yep!  Got my arm workout for the week.  Ha ha ha!  But I’m so happy that he was able to meet his Great Grandma and enjoy some time in Ohio where I spent many summers of my childhood.  You can’t get these moments back.

We were sitting on my grandma’s porch one night and she said, “Let’s take a photo of the four generations”.  My mom and I looked at each other, none of us looked particularly great since we pretty much just lounged around the whole time with Bennett.  No makeup or pretty hair… Grandma saw that we were hesitant, then she said, “Tomorrow is not promised to any of us”. Truer words have never been spoken, and they hit me like a ton of bricks.

So here is our blurry, cell phone taken, “four generations” photo:


I will cherish this picture forever.

Thanksgiving in Chicago


This Thanksgiving was spent in chilly, windy Chicago, Illinois.  There are lots of members from my side of the family that reside here and we were lucky enough to spend the holiday at my cousin, Jon, and his wife, Gina’s, gorgeous home!  My mom flew up to Ohio, picked up Grandma and drove over to join us.  When we arrived there was just enough snow on the ground to get a little feel of winter, which was such a treat!

Thanksgiving is such a special time to remember the most important things in life which for me are spending time and making memories with my family.  It’s those irreplaceable moments that I will forever hold dear.  There was an abundance of turkey & sides, Baby D & I were so full we could barely move.  Special thanks go out to Gina who did most of the fabulous cooking (and graciously opened her home to us), and to my Aunt Robin for baking the most delicious deserts!