Memorial Day Weekend


Oh, Chicago!  You were so good to us!  We seriously had the best time!  The last time I was here I was barely pregnant with Bennett.  First stop was The Navy Pier.  I think Bennett really enjoyed himself until he had a meltdown in the Fun House.  Then he screamed while trying to Houdini escape the stroller… getting crazy stares from every single person we passed who were probably secretly (or not so secretly) telling me to get my kid in check… but nevertheless, we got some cute pictures before the terrible twos took over.



The condo we rented had some pretty incredible views…



Impromptu photo shoot with my boys in their matching lobster jammies.



Saturday was spent showering the bride-to-be!  My cousin Kelly is getting married in July so we decided to do her shower and bachelorette party on the same day, and sure enough it was the most perfect day!  We showered her with gifts and love at Orso’s Italian.  The setting was so beautiful out on their pergola covered patio, saturated with vines and vividly colored flowers.  About 30 of her fabulous friends joined us, it was such a success!

That night we went out on the town with something like sixteen of Kelly’s closest girlfriends, checking out a drag show at The Original Mother’s… absolutely hysterical!  So much fun!  Then we moved over to The Rec Room, which only played what my mom would call “my generations music” or “music from my day”.  Again, us ladies had a freakin blast!



Remember the first time we visited Millennium Park?  It was freezing!!  This time the weather was absolutely perfect!  And having our boys with us made it so much fun!  We checked out Maggie Dailey Park with one of the biggest playgrounds I have ever seen & the “Enchanted Forest” which had a mirror maze and balance beams throughout.  AND the Play Garden had one of the best views of the entire skyline!  Highly recommend for all families visiting Chicago to check this place out, it’s incredible!







 Thank you, Chicago, for treating us soo well!  The weather, the food, and the kind people were all a lovely treat for Memorial Day Weekend!


Bennett Wesley :: First Time Beachin’


Well, Bennett & I decided that since daddy was going to a wedding in the Caymans for the weekend, we were going to make a trip to the beach!  To be completely honest, 2.5 hours in the car for three week old Bennett was a little ambitious for me.  The ride over wasn’t too bad. Only had to stop twice (once for a diaper change, the other for a feeding & diaper change), and once we got to the beach, we were happy little clams.  We had lots of family there to help with all our needs so that made things a lot easier.  Couldn’t have done it by myself…

The ride back on the other hand, that was a whole new ball game for me.  Bennett did not get a very good nights sleep Saturday night, so the screeching and wailing continued from the wee hours of the morning (2:30-3:00 AM) all the way until we got home the next day.  Yes, pretty much the entire car trip back was miserable for both of us… I’m not going to even try to sugar coat that one.  My thoughts are, having done that tiny first trip by myself, I can handle the crazy spells of this baby.  I stayed calm (because I can totally see how new parents can become so stressed out and frustrated when this kind of event takes place), pulled over to comfort him when I could, and once we got home he was happy and peaceful.  I think that all the driving got him frazzled and he started to resent his car seat.  Felt bad for my little dude.  But we did it!  And that first is done and over with!

But as you guys can see from the pictures, Bennett was not super impressed with the beach.  In fact, he slept on my shoulder the whole time we were out there!  I think he did enjoy the breeze and the sound of the waves hitting the shore though :).  I think the more we go back and the older he gets, the better it will be.  I cannot wait for the time we go and he actually puts his little toes in the sand and feels the water on his skin.  It’s going to be so much fun!

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend with family & friends!








^^ Unfortunately, every picture I took at the beach that day turned out splotchy like this because I didn’t realize I got sunscreen on the lens :(… next time I’ll be more careful! ^^