26 weeks & 17 months




Look at my BIG…BOY!!!  and… BUMP!!  Wowza!

And my goodness, I am feeling every pound of additional weight!  My feet have already started to swell up, my lower back is aching, and just one flight of stairs gets me winded.  I’m really hoping that the holiday’s help the next three months go by fast.  And I REALLY hope that the Florida heat will stop being so brutal!  This expectant mama needs the weather to seriously cool down…

Everything about this pregnancy has been different from the first.  The biggest difference so far is, with Bennett, my placenta was positioned on the front of the sac, so any movements were not seen until much later in the pregnancy and even then, they weren’t frequent.  With Baby D (2.0), the placenta is in the back, so movements have been seen very early on and I have a feeling we have a sumo wrestler or olympic swimmer on the way!  He or she never stops moving!  It’s really cool/ creepy.  I’m hoping the fact that this time around has been tougher doesn’t mean that labor and delivery will be tough as well.

As for Mr. Bennett, this 17 month old is a handful.  Like I’ve said many times before, he keeps me on my toes!  He’s very busy exploring and discovering!  Things he really enjoys lately are: swimming in the pool, coloring, learning about all the farm animals and the noises that they make,  grilled cheese sandwiches, bike rides with daddy, and showers.

My little man can eat with a fork or spoon, has some really great dance moves, and definitely knows how to to make his voice heard, ha ha ha! I think he has a favorite blanket- it’s a black and white spotted, very soft blanket, and he loves to be wrapped up like a burrito in it :).  He get’s more personality by the minute, and it’s seriously the best!

I love these two babies with all my heart and soul!  Husband & I are so excited for another change up in the family- can’t wait to meet you Baby Dietrich No.2!

Boy, Oh Boy! It’s A Boy!

Husband & I would like to formally introduce our beautiful baby boy to the blog:

Bennett Wesley Dietrich



Date of birth: Friday, May 1, 2015

Time: 10:15 AM

Weight: 9 lbs 3.6 oz


Length: 22 & 3/4 inches 



Welcome to the world my precious little (well… he’s not that little ha ha ha…) baby.  You have completely stolen Mommy & Daddy’s heart and we are so excited to share our lives with you!