Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? 
A: To hang out with the Dietrich's... duh!

Pier House Resort

Look at that view from our balcony!  Beautiful.

The Pier House Resort is right in the heart of Key West located at the very end of Duval Street.  We were able to walk everywhere :: Mallory Square, the best restaurants, Fury excursions, the bars, etc… It was awesome!  The service was excellent too!  Will definitely stay there again when we go back.

Lots of deuces were chunked. Ha ha ha… thug life.

Fury Water Adventures

If you go to Key West, you have to do the Fury Water Adventure!  First we went snorkeling in a coral reef with tons of cool fish (which I got a couple pics I need to develop from my waterproof camera), then we went parasailing, and last was the water slides & jet skis.  It was so much fun and kept us all entertained all day long!

Saturday night we officially celebrated Josh’s birthday with a relaxing dinner at                  A & B Lobster House.  So yummy!  I was respectful and didn’t take a bunch of pictures of all of our wonderful meals, but just know that they were de-lish! Unfortunately… or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) most of the restaurants give you such huge portions, it’s hard to eat it all.  I’m the queen of to-go boxes, so I was definitely disappointed that I wouldn’t have leftovers for a week… o-well.

Oh we had so much fun! Can’t wait to go back…

I love Key West!

Key West :: August 2012 :: Part 2

Mallory Square

Where do I even start?!?

Well first, I’m so sad that our weekend vacation is officially over… but MAN it was a good time!  The whole reason for going was for our friend Josh’s birthday and Key West did not disappoint.  Mallory Square is just the cutest little area with so much fun stuff to do and look at!  Oh, I just loved it!

We ate at Roof Top Cafe which I highly recommend.  The food was just wonderful & the ambiance could not be beat!  With the lush trees all around us, it almost felt like we were eating a fancy meal in a tastefully-done treehouse!

At sunset, Mallory Square fills with hundreds (possibly thousands) of people.  There are street entertainers, live cuban bands, and drinks galore!  Everyone was dancing and having a great time!  Not a care in the world!

There’s plenty more where that came from… stay tuned… :)

Key West :: August 2012 :: Part 1