Oh, Christmas Tree!






Yesterday we spent the morning decorating our first tree as a family of 3.  Or 5/6 including the mutts… I, personally, prefer real trees over faux, mostly because of the amazing smell they bring to the household, but the falling needles are having me second guess this rationalization.

B loves looking at the lights and touching the ornaments.  He tried really hard to open one of the presents under the tree, but was unsuccessful ha ha ha.  As I was decorating, I had the Christmas music blasting over the speakers and B could not stop laughing at my crazy dancing!  I think he is going to love Christmas as much as I do ;).  We can’t wait for this weekend, when Daddy can join us in finishing the final touches on the decorations!  It’s going to be a holly, jolly Christmas!

photo cred: Husband

Baby Dietrich’s Nursery







Crib: http://rhchild.com Airin Spindle Crib

Dresser/ Changing Table: http://rhchild.com Marcelle Dresser

Rocking Chair: Finn Rocker from Anthropologie (I don’t believe they sell the icicle color anymore)

Moroccan Pouf Ottoman: https://www.onekingslane.com/search?q=moroccan+pouf

Rattan Elephant Head: Decorative Arts Vero Beach

Shaggy White Rug: HomeGoods

Dreamcatcher Mobile: handmade by my sweet friend, Brittani

Just wanted to share a few pictures (sorry they aren’t very clear since they are from my phone) of the nursery before Baby Dietrich gets here.  I call my theme “Bohemian Safari Chic” because I wanted something gender neutral (obviously), but still my style.  Husband did all of the hanging of art & curtains on the windows.  He is just so good at that! ;)  The only thing I do not have at this time is my wall mounted book shelf that was supposed to be here last week, but I have just been informed it will not be here until mid-May.  Booooooo!!!  I also do not have very many baby clothes yet… I figured I have a whole lifetime to buy lots of adorable outfits.  I imagine it will be like: one cute outfit for baby, one cute outfit for mommy ;).  Anyway, this is now my favorite room in the house.  I go in there all the time just to sit in the rocking chair and stare at all the things Baby D will soon be using on a regular basis.  It’s just the sweetest little room… now all we need is a Baby!  Hurry up little one, we are all waiting!

Thirty-three Week Bumpdate


We have officially entered the single digits when counting down the weeks left before Baby D makes his or her debut! WOW!  I cannot even put into words how excited I’m getting!  Yesterday, my sweet friend Kelly threw a shower for Baby D at her lovely home and, once again, Baby & I were showered with so much love and support.  I have lots of pictures to sort through from the event, but I will post all about it later this week.

As for this bumpdate, I don’t think I ever addressed the three hour glucose test results from a few weeks ago… everything came back normal :) Being half way through my third trimester, I am starting to fall into those symptoms that everyone has warned me about (not sleeping, lack of energy, feeling HUGE ha ha ha).  These last 7 weeks are going to be tough, but I’m hanging in there…

Last night Husband & I were out at dinner with my mom & my cousin Kelly, when my mom (or it might have been Kelly… pregnancy brain) asked us what we are most excited about with the baby.  This is a great question because there are a million and one things that we are excited about.  My biggest excitements, at the current moment, would have to be the baby cuddles and giggles.  I’m also looking forward to seeing and experiencing everything through my child’s eyes, such as Christmas, birthdays, Disney, traveling, etc… Husband is more excited about the closer future stuff like actually knowing what the gender of the baby is and what he or she are going to look like :) At the baby shower, Kelly had us bring baby pictures of Husband & I that she put on display with twine and wooden clothes pins (which was super cute by the way).  Anyway, while examining the pictures, you start to wonder what characteristics Baby is going to have.  Husband had almost white blonde hair growing up, where I was always very much a brunette.  He has light eyes, I have dark.  He has a cute dimple in his chin and cheek, I do not… bottom line, he was cuter than me ha ha ha!  Just playin’ we were both pretty darling little kids.  But I agree with him, I’m just as excited about seeing what traits Baby has from both of us!

I get lots of questions about how the nursery is coming along and I’m happy to let everyone know that all the essentials are here thanks to all the wonderful friends and family members who have spoiled Baby D over the last few months. I’m just waiting on my rocker (which is on backorder until April 10th) and my bookshelf which should be here in April as well… then I will take some final pictures of the whole room with details of where everything is from, but here are some before’s and progress:

IMG_0269 IMG_0266

IMG_0270 IMG_0272 IMG_0284


I will make sure to do a final nursery reveal in a few weeks once it’s complete!

I have a ton of pictures from Grand Cayman that I still need to share on here in addition to the baby shower.  Life has been so hectic (in a good way) these last few weeks, I just need a few more days to organize and collect my thoughts so I have all the fun stuff to write about!  Thanks again for following along!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


twenty week bumpdate



Say it ain’t so!  I’m sure I have said this many times before, but time is flying!  And I know it’s not slowing down any time soon…  five months in and I’m thoroughly enjoying pregnancy.  Last week I felt Baby moving around for the very first time.  It was pretty impressive.  I sent Husband a text as soon as I felt it and now he just thinks he can just put his hand on my belly at any given time and feel what I’m feeling.  That’s something that makes this experience so cool.  As a woman, carrying a life in your body, that’s something that your spouse will never understand or feel.  As much as I would love for him to be able to feel all the movements, it really is a bond that a mom will always have with the child that no one else will have.  At this time I don’t mind the party going on in my belly but I’m sure as Baby grows it could get a little obnoxious ;)

Another thing that’s super awesome (!!!), strangers are finally starting to understand that I’m not just the chubby girl in the room.  Last week I finally had someone I did not know tell me “Congrats!” while looking at my bulging bump.  It made my whole world!  We have our Level 2 Ultrasound- Anatomy Scan on Tuesday and I’m so excited to see our baby again!  Haven’t seen Baby since I was only 8 weeks pregnant.  Pray for us, we are hoping to see all 10 fingers and toes, a cute little booty, and the sweetest little face :)

I’ve been going through bags of Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos like the apocalypse is coming.  And I’m still eating at least 3 bowls of various types of cereals every day.  But I’m not craving the stereotypical preggo snacks like pickles or ice cream (I’ve never been a big fan of ice cream…).  I’m still working out with my trainer at least once a week in the gym, but since the weather has been pretty darn perfect here in Florida, I prefer to be on my bike cruising around the neighborhood.

I guess I should start thinking about what I’m going to do in the nursery.  Here are some pics from Baby D’s personal board on Pinterest that are inspiring me lately:


^^ that grass cloth wall paper ^^


^^ grey linen curtains & that cute wooden ladder used as a shelf for blankies ^^

Finn Room

^^ those framed baby animal faces… swoon!! ^^

Obviously all gender neutral ideas, which to some may seem very boring, but I love it!  Can’t wait to dive into this new project!  Twenty weeks down, twenty more to go!  Love you Baby D!  Can’t wait to meet you in just a few more months!

Feliz Navidad

Christmas Eve






^^ my sweet momma cooked all the wonderful food for Christmas Eve!!  thanks mom! ^^




^^ what’s Christmas Eve without margaritas?!? ^^



then… it was time for White Elephant!!


^^ this visor with hair was the hot present of the night- it got stolen 3 times! ^^







Christmas Day


^^ my mother in law’s wonderful Christmas day buffet!  i’m mad at myself for not getting a picture of her incredible bacon.  it’s thick cut with maple… i could eat that bacon with every meal for the rest of my life! ^^






I know this post is a little late, Husband & I (and some friends and our family) have been out of the country for my THIRTIETH birthday this past week, so blogging was definitely not my number one priority.  But even though the holiday season has come and gone, the happiness from spending quality time with our families is still lingering.  We had so much fun just laughing, exchanging thoughtful and humorous gifts, and eating tons of homemade goodness!  Feeling super blessed to be surrounded by so much love!  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!