Bennett Wesley :: Three Years Old


Today, at 10:15 AM, my oldest boy turned three.  He was greeted with balloons galore, a yard sign (which he could see from his bedroom window), and homemade blueberry muffins!!  Just kidding, the muffins were store bought, ain’t no one got time for that… Regardless, he had a pretty magical morning to start off his third year alive with a bang!

This little dude… he’s seriously the light of my life.  He has such a unique personality that is always changing and evolving.  Lately his speech has been growing rapidly with Husband & I, yet he will not say a peep to strangers and he is still very shy even with close friends.  His favorite activity continues to be swimming, but riding on mama’s bike is a close second.  I love spending every Thursday picking him up from school early to enjoy lunch together (with Remy), grab a cupcake from Sprinkles, then go to music class where he can dance and play instruments for about an hour.  He has become so in tune with this routine, I feel bad if there’s ever a Thursday we can’t make it.

He is awesome with all his numbers, colors, animals, and ABC’s.  ‘B’ is his favorite of course because “‘B’ is for BENNETT!”.  He also knows that ‘R’ is for Remy, but it’s not said in the excited voice that ‘B’ gets.  We still spend our evenings on the front porch drinking apple juice and reading books.  Right now his favorite book is Pout Pout Fish, we seriously read it about twelve times a day.  His teacher actually got him that book for Christmas and he has loved it every day since he got it.  Speaking of his teacher, he is still loving school.  I’m amazed at how much he has learned since he started a year ago…

He gets his haircut pretty regularly now, along with little bro. He is such a handsome little boy, I can’t get over how precious he is!  We go in tomorrow for his three year physical and I cannot wait to hear how tall he is and how much he weighs.  I think he recently has gone through a growth spurt because he was eating a lot more than usual.  He is SO tall!  Much taller than the kids in his class and the kids in his play group!  As much as I love that he is tall, it’s a little frustrating when parents who don’t know him and his age, think that he is older than he is.  So he will have a meltdown at times and they look at me like, get your five year old under control… and I make sure to point out the fact that he is barely three and that’s just the way three year olds roll!  Thank you very much (read in a sassy tone)!  But this is a very rare occurrence, most often than not, he is a very sweet boy and doesn’t cause big scenes.  He mostly does that at home… just for me ;)

Next Saturday (the 12th), after all the grandparents are back from their European excursion, we will be celebrating Bennett BIG TIME at Old McMicky’s Farm.  So, I will post about his party later this month, but until then, just a few words from this mama…

My first son, Bennett,

What a special human you are!  Everything about you brings joy to my life.  How smart you are, your precious little voice, your competitiveness (which I’m already starting to see), how good of a swimmer you are, your fabulous dance moves, when you share with your brother… these are all things I am so proud of!  You melt my heart with those big hugs you sometimes freely give, and the public smooches, though very rare… well… I could bottle that up and store them forever!!  Seriously the BEST!  When you hold my hand walking to church… or when you say my name about fifty bajillion times because you have something very important to say or ask… or when I catch you playing the piano or ukulele… or when you are playing nicely with brother and you both start cracking up out of the blue!!  Oh, this mama is just so happy to have you as her own!

I don’t know what my life would be like without your precious face in it every day.  I want you to know that you are so loved! my love for you is deep and never ending!  You and your brother are my greatest accomplishments and I couldn’t have imagined a better life than this one with you guys!  You, Bennett, are absolute perfection in my eyes, I adore you so!  Please continue to stay curious for anything in life, continue to learn with a never ending pit in your head for knowledge, continue to try to be patient and to love your brother (he’s the only one who will have your back in life when your parents aren’t there to help), and continue to enjoy the simple things in life like you do!

I love you, my baby.


My Boo’s Birthday


^^ a little birthday kiss ^^



^^ some cornhole ^^


^^ brews with the bros ^^



Husband’s birthday weekend was one to remember!  In fact, Husband said earlier this week that he will not be drinking for a month, that’s how memorable it was!  Ha ha ha!  We had such a great time with our friends and my brother in law came in town from Miami to join in on the action.  We hung by the beach all day and had a nice dinner to finish the evening.  Our friends brought a PEANUT BUTTER birthday cake which is Husband’s absolute favorite flavor, it was a full-on fiesta a la playa!


On Friday night we tried a new spot called Blue Agave where we had tacos and margaritas.  It was alright, definitely the hot spot in town because it was packed!  I’m a little critical of Mexican food since I was born and raised in TEXAS (yes, TEXAS has to be in all caps and bold at all times) and you know, my state is right next to the border so… yea, I’ve been spoiled with the best Mexican food on the planet.  Oh, and my family on my dad’s side is Mexican… so that adds something to my Mexican food snobbery too.  Sorry Blue Agave… but I will probably be back since the atmosphere was definitely fun!





A few days before Husband’s birthday, my gorgeous cousin, Kelly, came to visit me from Chicago!  It was SO good to catch up with her and have some much needed girl time.  Kel, I hope you and Robert can come back and visit again soon! xoxo

A post dedicated to Kelly Jo Harrison

Bob & Kel

There are so many reasons I adore this portrait.

Maybe it’s the fact that I know chicken noodle soup was the lunch of choice that day (and every other day during the summer), or maybe it’s our ultra-chic hair-do’s (thanks mom’s!), or maybe it’s because we were in the middle of having a giggle attack about absolutely nothing!

Kelly, I love all of the memories we share!  And even though we are rolling into our Flirty 30’s together, I know that we still share special moments just like we did when we were kids! ;)

I Love you, Happy Birthday!