The Moonshine Jungle Tour ft. Bruno Mars







Last week when my girlfriend, Cheryl, informed me that she had an extra ticket to the Bruno Mars concert and asked if I wanted to go, my response was “Of course!”.  I had heard that he was amazing live so I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to see the hype for myself!

Before last night, I wouldn’t have called myself a huge BM fan. For instance, I don’t know every word to every song, and I really only know the songs that are way overplayed on the radio BUT… I was pleasantly surprised!  The band was fantastic!  They mixed in some reggae and some old school R&B which I love.  And Bruno Mars can really sing!  So talented!  And we danced to!

Dear Mr. Bruno Mars,  WOW… you put on a good show.  And I’m officially your newest fan. Thanks for making our Girls Night Out super fun!