Another family weekend at the beach…



We had another beautiful weekend at the beach last weekend!  This time Husband was able to join us, which always makes life so much better.  He took Bennett way into the ocean for a the first time ever, and Bennett did really good.  He didn’t like Daddy taking him off his shoulder, but didn’t mind the water all over his body and the waves crashing into him as long as he was held close to Daddy’s chest.  It was really a sweet moment.  When he got out he was ready to snuggle in his towel, and pretty worn out.  Overall, it was a nice intro to the ocean for this babe!








^^ Are these not the cutest diapers for beach time?!? I love Honest Diapers! ^^







^^ I love this little family of mine! ^^

Easter Weekend

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Hope everyone reading had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Easter always falls around the same time as our wedding anniversary so it’s nice that we are usually with family or on some sort of weekend getaway trying to celebrate one of the two occasions.  This year is our THREE year anniversary, which technically isn’t until tomorrow, but we decided to head to the beach with the mutts and enjoy some sunshine.  It’s funny how when we first started taking the dogs down to the beach they really didn’t like the sand and hated being close to the waves, but now it’s almost as if they OWN the beach.  They are almost too comfortable running down to the sand, scaring the poo out of passersby!  We are working on training them that they are not allowed down at the beach unless we are with them, but it’s a work in progress ;)…

Happy Easter, y’all!

Oh, and here is a pic from Saturday night when Husband took me out for our anniversary… It was a beautiful weekend :)