Colorado was a whirlwind.  Silverthorne, Breckenridge, and Denver, all in about a six day period was a bit overwhelming considering the babies were not feeling well, but we made it!  And we conquered!  We were in Silverthorne for a wedding for a high school friend of Husband’s, that he was a groomsman for.  Wow, what a beautiful setting, nestled in the Rockies!  It was a very sweet occasion, no detail was overlooked, the bride was stunning… it was perfect!

The very next day we were able to hike up to Lily Pad Lake with the kiddos.  I had googled some trails that were “kid friendly” which I assumed to mean that us carrying them on our backs would be a breeze if the hike was as searched, “kid friendly”… but I was wrong… VERY wrong.  This was a pretty tough hike with almost 35 pounds on Husbands back and 20 on mine.  But we made it!  All the way to Lily Pad Lake!  And it was worth it!  Minus the fact that Remy’s little cheeks got wind burned :( poor guy… but it cleared up fast :)

The following day, we trekked to Breckenridge where we had lunch at The Canteen Tap House and Tavern (super yummy!), then we caught the gondola up to the top of the mountain where we thought Bennett would be able to ride the Alpine Slide but unfortunately he was still too young (must be 3, gahhhhhh!!!) so we settled for Dippin Dots (Bennett was a first timer) and some cocktails and just enjoyed the view!

Finally, we made our way to Denver for the Independence Day festivities.  We stayed at a beautiful hotel (Oxford) that was within a block of Union Station.  Husband & I got to sample beers at the original brewery of Denver, Wynkoop, and that evening the Rockies had their Fireworks game which was conveniently seen from our hotel window! Bennett really loved it, he kept saying “Oooooohhh!!
and “Wooooow!!!”. Husband had to leave the next day, but Mama Olson & I got to explore and try some eateries by ourself with the kids.  There was a fun little splash pad close by that we spent lots of time at since the weather was quite warm.  Overall, it was another successful trip with the babies!

** I wanted to tag the Colorado post from a few years ago because it’s cute to see how much Bennett has grown :) **

Red Rocks Park :: Denver, CO














The pictures do not do this post ANY justice!

This past weekend we were in Denver, Colorado for a work meeting and when we had a free afternoon this was the one place I had to see!  Red Rocks Park is absolutely beautiful!  There’s really no other word to describe it.  Bennett loved hiking especially since he was strapped to daddy’s chest and could watch me the whole time.  The rocks are breathtaking.  Such a wonderful sight to see!  There is also a concert venue in the middle of the park!  I wish I could have seen a concert in the amphitheater, but that will have to wait until next time…

Denver, overall, was wonderful.  The cooler weather was such a nice break from the Florida heat.  We were lucky to have my mom there to watch the baby while we were in meetings and she even watched him almost every night so we could have some uninterrupted dinners ;).  Thanks mom!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately, we have been super busy with our house being sold this week (!!), we travelled to Ohio for my cousin’s wedding 2 weeks ago, FOOTBALL IS BACK (yayyyy!!), work stuff… etc… anyway, I will try to get back into groove.  Have a great week!