Oh, Christmas Tree :: 2021


Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pooped!

2 more days until the magic of Santa comes and goes, so I am trying my very best to be present over the next 48 hours.  These sweet moments will not last forever and I’m desperate to cherish each and every one of them.  I hope everyone reading is with their loved ones and feeling the spirit of Christmas!

Oh Christmas Tree, 2020

The boys are loving the magic of Christmas this year!




We finished adding the final touches to the Christmas decor this week, so it was time to bust out the matching pajamas and take our annual family photo in front of our tree. Didn’t go as big as I usually do this year, I usually like them pretty fat and basically touching the ceiling, but this year I decided to go with a tree that better fit the space and didn’t overwhelm. The boys helped me a lot this year! They even have their very own Charlie Brown tree that they got to decorate all on their own! It’s pretty cute…



Oh, Christmas Tree! 2019





No lie.  Our tree was up before Thanksgiving, and right now I’m having severe anxiety that it might not make it to Christmas Day without going complete brown and losing all of it’s needles…

But like all the years before, it filled the entire house with the most wonderful of smells and instantly brought all the magic of Christmas with it!  The boys were VERY interested in “helping” me decorate it, grabbing every single pricey glass ornament I own and wanting to place them ever-so-roughly on the lowest limb of the tree (EEEEEK!!! Deep breaths…).  I had to completely have an out of body experience and release control of the situation and just… let it be.

After they went to bed I was able to rearrange everything to where I felt more at peace., and we got some really sweet photos :)

Hey Santa, we are ready for you!