Christmas Festivities According To My Phone…

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas holiday!  I feel like this whole month was a complete blur.  Even with all that is going on with the pandemic, it did not slow us down one bit!  We did all the things and more!  The magic of Christmas was alive and well in the Dietrich household!  Now let’s bring on a new year!

Oh Christmas Tree, 2020

The boys are loving the magic of Christmas this year!




We finished adding the final touches to the Christmas decor this week, so it was time to bust out the matching pajamas and take our annual family photo in front of our tree. Didn’t go as big as I usually do this year, I usually like them pretty fat and basically touching the ceiling, but this year I decided to go with a tree that better fit the space and didn’t overwhelm. The boys helped me a lot this year! They even have their very own Charlie Brown tree that they got to decorate all on their own! It’s pretty cute…