Cayman Islands, 2018






Hey everyone!  Sorry I have been super busy/ lazy these last few weeks and haven’t updated in a hot minute.  About two weeks ago Husband & I went to a meeting in the Caymans, and unfortunately while we were there I got news that my grandmother was not doing well and within 24 hours she had passed.  It was a tough week.  As soon as I returned home, I turned around the next morning to head to Houston for the funeral, and it’s just been the biggest whirlwind of life.  I feel like I really haven’t had a moment to process all that has been happening… So much tragedy in such a short amount of time.  Part of me just wants to ignore it and keep on keepin’ on, then, when I sit down to write about it (now that I have an afternoon to think about it while the baby is napping, the dogs aren’t sick, and my big boy is at school) it’s soul crushing.  Deflating.  Just… sad.

Just like my Grandma Kellum, my Grandma Olson was just as wonderful.  She raised 7 children (all boys & one girl), has a beautiful legacy with many grandchildren and great grandchildren, and was a firm believer in God.  She always had amazingly wise words of advice and no matter what she faced she handled it with such grace.  I am going to miss everything about her, especially her contagious smile.  My dad had the same exact smile.

Getting back to the trip though… man, it was a beautiful trip.  Saw some good friends, met some new friends, did Stingray City again.  Remember last time Husband & I were in the Caymans??  And how pregnant I was??  Remember the proof I went in the water with the stingrays?  I hated it then, and to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it this time either.  I think that will be the last time I go to Stingray City. Ha ha ha!

The last full day we were there, Husband & I took a helicopter tour around the island to get a different perspective.  It was incredible!  If you look at the very last picture above, you can see a shipwreck!  The picture with all the white boats and ant sized people in the water is an aerial view of Stingray City.  The water is seriously the most incredible rainbow of teals, aquamarines, and indigo.  So pretty!



Husband & I also had one day off to do whatever we wanted so we decided to check out the Cayman Crystal Caves.  It’s probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  Yes, there were lots of bats, and yes, the mosquitos were annoying, but the insides of these caves are truly a sight to be seen!  Highly recommend if you are going to be traveling to the Caymans!

Hope everyone’s having a great week and getting through hump day- two more days ’til the weekend!


Dietrich Babymoon- Grand Cayman Islands

It’s about 5AM and of course I cannot sleep, so what better time to blog?!? Ha ha ha!  I know it has been about a month since we went on vacation to Cayman Island…  I just feel like time is slipping away from me, and there’s still so much to do before Baby D makes their appearance into the world.  Anyway, here are some of the photos from our beautiful trip :)

^^ That water!!  It seriously reminded me so much of our trip to Turks & Caicos ^^





^^ Handsome Daddy-to-Be ^^

I love that scruff on his face!  So cute!









Husband & I were primarily on this trip for a business meeting, so we didn’t get to do a whole lot on our own… most of the time we were with people from the group, which was actually super fun!  We have made some really good friends in the group and it’s nice to know that we are able to see them twice a year at these meetings even though we all live in different parts of the country.  One of my really good friends is a wife of another Dr. in the group, and she is also pregnant!  So it was great having someone to relate with and get advice from {this will be her second baby}.

One of our nights was spent on a catamaran watching the beautiful sunset.  Husband sipped on the local brew and I had the virgin Cayman Lemonade ;).  Everyone had a great time!  I love sailing… maybe Baby D will take up sailing as an extra curricular activity and take his or her momma out every now and then :).





^^ This is where we stayed.  This resort was fabulous, especially for families with children.  Lots of amenities and right on the beach! ^^




In case you missed it, click here for pictures from Stingray City :)


IMG_0427 IMG_0456


In less than 5 weeks we will be parents!  Yeeeee!!