Tres Años - Version 2

Three blissful years.

I swear, it feels like only yesterday we were in the Briscoe Manor chapel with all of our closest family and friends taking our vows.  I love looking back on our amazing day and how much fun everyone had…  We are so, SO blessed in life and in love, and I couldn’t imagine walking this journey with anyone other than you, Husband.  You are the light of my life.  I love you.  Happy Anniversary!


The Winchell Wedding- St. Simons Island, GA

DSCN3346 - Version 2









Another gorgeous wedding has taken place!  This one was for my dear friend, Natalie, who married her Prince Charming, Mark, in one of the most beautiful settings ever… as you can clearly see Villa de Suenos on St. Simons Island is just stunning!  And the couple could not be more beautiful together.  They even sang a duet together!  I’m not sure if y’all remember when I wrote about how Mark proposed to Natalie a few months ago in the most perfect & memorable way… well in case you guys missed that post you can read about it here.  Anyway, every detail was perfectly executed of this peacock themed wedding and I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Natalie.  She is perfect, her life is perfect, and now her husband is perfect!  Couldn’t be more happy for this couple!  Congrats to the new Dr. & Mrs. Winchell!  Hope y’all are having fun in Cabo!

My Best Friend’s Wedding


Soooo, my beautiful bestie got married last weekend…

and I have no pictures to share!!!

But I promise, as soon as Mrs. Victoria Franco sends me some of the professional pictures when she gets back from her MONTH LONG honeymoon in Africa, I will update.  Until then, my iPhone pics will have to do.

  IMG_5915 IMG_5929 IMG_5924

IMG_5921  IMG_5926


the problem with not knowing

Husband is taking me on a secret getaway for our anniversary weekend!  YAY!

Only one problem… I’m a major planner.  I love to research where we are going to stay, where we are going to eat, what we are going to do… I mean, what do I need to pack??

Now, I don’t want this post to come off ungrateful… I’m so excited about this unknown adventure!  I just need to trust the man I married…  He knows me better than anyone, so I know this weekend is going to be wonderful!  I can’t wait!  Hurry up and get off work, Husband!




Another Wedding Weekend :)












Doesn’t this wedding look like something out of a movie?!?

Saturday was the most beautiful day ever!  It also happened to be the wedding day for our friend’s Carrie and Doug!  Lucky them!   Every detail was perfectly finished for this lovely country wedding… from the mason jar string lighting, to the classic cars, to the fire pits equipped with s’mores supplies… perfect!  And the bride was glowing!

I have been feeling a little under the weather so unfortunately Husband & I had to leave the festivities a little early, but CONGRATS to the happy couple!

My Weekend with the Bride to Be!


IMG_3019 IMG_3028IMG_3023


IMG_3012 IMG_3001 IMG_2997


So…(in case you have forgotten) my best friend, Torey, is getting married!  She got engaged a few weeks ago, and is hoping to be married within the year, which means we have a lot of planning to do!  If you need a reminder of who Torey is, here is a recap.

Side note:: I’m so blessed to have a wonderful husband who fully understands my duties in helping Torey plan.  He knows the importance of having a second opinion of someone you truly trust to help you make the right choice in flowers, colors, cakes, etc… Right Hunny? Love you, mean it! ;)

Anyway, I flew into Los Angeles on Thursday morning and got to spend the whole weekend with the Bride to Be!  We immediately got down to wedding business, and by “business” I mean grabbing lunch at CPK ’cause I can’t focus on ANYTHING without food in my belly. Just sayin’.  Ok… so after lunch we went straight home and went through about 100 bridal magazines & started building private boards on Pinterest.  It was so fun to see what inspires her and what she wants to do.  She has the finest taste and I know this wedding will never be matched!  I feel so lucky to be a part of it!

We also had some R&R visiting our alma mater in Malibu and seeing old friends.  Ate at some of our favorite restaurants like Taverna Tony and Moonshadows.  It was crazy seeing all of the changes that have taken course since the last time I was there… doesn’t even seem possible that so many things can look so different after such a short amount of time.  But it was great to be there! Overall, I’d say it was a very productive trip and I can’t wait to celebrate my sweet friend’s nuptials in a few months!  Italy?  California?  Mexico? All three maybe?!?  We shall see!