having a grateful heart


…for our marriage.

…for our families.

…for our friends.

…for our health.

…for our jobs.

…for our mutts.

“The grateful heart opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings that continually surround us.” -James E. Faust

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Love, The Dietrichs

It’s funny how as I get older and as life takes on more challenges, I start to reflect back on the simplicity of my childhood and think about how truly blessed I am.  Not only did I have a dad who provided for anything and everything I could ever need, he was also the support system for all of my emotional woes.  Luckily, I still have my father today and he continues to be my rock in life.  He is always there for me with his immense love, gives me the BEST advice, and has always supplied me with an unbelievable amount of self confidence.

That being said, I could go on and on about how influential my father has been on my life and how he has molded me into the woman I am now, but today is about letting him know how much he means to me.  He is the most positive & uplifting human being on the planet, he always puts his children first, he is strong and caring, but most of all he motivates me to want to be a better person.  I appreciate everything you have done for me, James Olson.  You are by far the most wonderful dad a daughter could wish for and I’m so lucky you’re mine.

Oh!  And did I mention that my dad is the best dancer in the whole wide world?!?  John Travolta would be scared to take on my dad in a dance off… just sayin’.

In honor of my father…

Vero Beach, FL
June 2012

The past few days Husband & I have been in Vero Beach since the clinic is closed for the first week of summer vacation, and my in laws own a condo there over looking the ocean.

:: sigh ::

 You know, we got pretty lucky with the weather… last week I don’t think there was one day of sunshine, but as soon as we hit the coast the sky was clear and the sun was HOT.  Tried some new restaurants, read a few books (including Fifty Shades of Grey), got a great base tan workin’, and did some “day-drinking” thanks to my lovely mother in law and her awesome sangria.  Husband’s parents hung with us until Sunday since they had been there the whole week before us, but the rest of our mini-vacay was just the two of us and it was so relaxing.

The Pier

 Casey's Place

 This walk-up burger joint is the best thing since sliced bread.  By far the best burgers in town, I know this because Andy had a double patty with cheese… I had the cod sandwich, which was heavenly and we shared some seasoned fries.  And for all you vegetarians our there- they even have a grilled cheese sandwich with pickles!  I will try that next time…

The menu was very extensive for such a small place but they moved rather quickly and there was really not a long wait for our meals.  Definitely going to be one of our “spots” every time we visit now…

We then took some long walks on the beach, drank some lovely wines, and chilled.  My kind of vacation! :)

Will post “part dos” later this week…

Beachin’ :: Part Uno