A Day in Monterey County, California


Oh, Carmel by the Sea… even on the coldest of days in the middle of summer, you are still just stunning…




The Paraiso Vineyard







Our friends, Grace & Casey, were such great hosts.  They took us to this beautiful vineyard called Paraiso to start our “Week of Wine” off with a bang!  The pictures do not do it justice, this place had some incredible views.  Oh, and we made a new fur-friend, JD!  As long as he wasn’t slobbering all over our wine glasses, or chewing on the cow hide rug, or biting people as the came through the door… he was quite adorable. ;)


**If you are in the Monterey area, we highly recommend having brunch at this truly unique spot called 1833.  The chicken and waffles were killer!**

And I want to take a moment to give a much deserved “Thanks” to the entire Merritt family for being so welcoming and hospitable.  Playing with all the kiddos and enjoying family time with you guys is always such a treat.  We can’t wait to visit again!  Here are some photos of their sweet family:




We love you guys!

Did you miss us??


We’re back!!!

And oh my goodness… we had a heck of a time.  There’s so much to write about, I really don’t even know where to start… plus I’m kind of in a wine induced coma.  Add that to extreme exhaustion from the trip, and you have a girl who’s just ready to pass out and sleep in very late tomorrow morning.

I will organize all the pics and start posting parts of the trip soon!  Right now it just feels so good to be home.


P.S. the pic above was taken by my sweet friend, Grace, in Carmel.  It was FREEZING!!!  But still so, so beautiful.  Can’t wait to share the rest!