Mayfaire 2013


It was an artsy-fartsy weekend for Husband & I.   Mayfaire By The Lake is a annual art festival that takes place in central Florida.  This festival attracts talent from all over!  And, as always, brings out all sorts of characters which makes for some great people watching…





^^This trio was great! There’s nothing like some jazzy/ bluesy tunes to entertain the audience! So good!^^


The artist below is a Florida photographer who takes amazing pictures of Florida geography.  I really loved the top right picture titled “Lonely Palm” (below).  He was fantastic!  I would love to cover my entire master bedroom with his work!


I Want the Strings


This painting completely stopped me in my tracks.  The meaning behind it honestly brought tears to my eyes… not because of sadness, but because of it’s honesty.

From the artist- Mark Pulliam:

“Why the title?  In a world with the need for instant gratification, the strings remind us of love’s simplicity, yet complexity.  A meaningful, long lasting relationship will have tangles and knots at times and flow freely at others. In a world where so many choose relationships with no stings attached…

I want the strings…”

And then there was this cute moment:


A mother goose with her babies lined in a row following close behind her.  Cute, cute, cute! Perfect for Mother’s Day weekend! :)