the LIZARD hunter

IMG_4741Our middle child, Sasha, has really become quite the lizard hunter these days.  She pretty much has her technique down to a science.  When she knows I’m about to open the back door, she will prepare herself to dart out as fast as she can, then POUNCE on the bushes where she knows the lizards are hiding hoping to squish one with all her body weight.  Then, she will dig her nose into the area where she thinks she has caught one and ultimately bring me her prized possession as a gift inside the house… thanks Sasha… that’s very… thoughtful of you.


You know, at least it’s not a bat.  That’s one positive way of looking at this situation. Yes, she has brought me rabid bat before and then she had to be quarantined for 30 days… not fun.  Wish I had posted that story back in December… dang.  But I have a picture to prove I’m not making this up!  GROSS!!!!  Ha ha ha!!!


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