twenty week bumpdate



Say it ain’t so!  I’m sure I have said this many times before, but time is flying!  And I know it’s not slowing down any time soon…  five months in and I’m thoroughly enjoying pregnancy.  Last week I felt Baby moving around for the very first time.  It was pretty impressive.  I sent Husband a text as soon as I felt it and now he just thinks he can just put his hand on my belly at any given time and feel what I’m feeling.  That’s something that makes this experience so cool.  As a woman, carrying a life in your body, that’s something that your spouse will never understand or feel.  As much as I would love for him to be able to feel all the movements, it really is a bond that a mom will always have with the child that no one else will have.  At this time I don’t mind the party going on in my belly but I’m sure as Baby grows it could get a little obnoxious ;)

Another thing that’s super awesome (!!!), strangers are finally starting to understand that I’m not just the chubby girl in the room.  Last week I finally had someone I did not know tell me “Congrats!” while looking at my bulging bump.  It made my whole world!  We have our Level 2 Ultrasound- Anatomy Scan on Tuesday and I’m so excited to see our baby again!  Haven’t seen Baby since I was only 8 weeks pregnant.  Pray for us, we are hoping to see all 10 fingers and toes, a cute little booty, and the sweetest little face :)

I’ve been going through bags of Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos like the apocalypse is coming.  And I’m still eating at least 3 bowls of various types of cereals every day.  But I’m not craving the stereotypical preggo snacks like pickles or ice cream (I’ve never been a big fan of ice cream…).  I’m still working out with my trainer at least once a week in the gym, but since the weather has been pretty darn perfect here in Florida, I prefer to be on my bike cruising around the neighborhood.

I guess I should start thinking about what I’m going to do in the nursery.  Here are some pics from Baby D’s personal board on Pinterest that are inspiring me lately:


^^ that grass cloth wall paper ^^


^^ grey linen curtains & that cute wooden ladder used as a shelf for blankies ^^

Finn Room

^^ those framed baby animal faces… swoon!! ^^

Obviously all gender neutral ideas, which to some may seem very boring, but I love it!  Can’t wait to dive into this new project!  Twenty weeks down, twenty more to go!  Love you Baby D!  Can’t wait to meet you in just a few more months!

Concrete Jungle Weekend


When Husband informed me that he had never been to the Empire State Building I made it a point to check that off his bucket list.  It was a cold & dreary day, but I was determined.  And I’m so glad I got to be there with him to see the sights!  Even though it was not the best of weather circumstances, it was still a stunning panoramic view that everyone must see at least once in their lifetime.








^^ Belgian Waffles :: side note- Baby D & I did not stop eating the entire time. ^^




^^ In front of Radio City Music Hall before the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular {which was AWESOME by the way!!} Don’t’ mind my chapped lips.  They have been destroyed since Chicago last weekend… ^^


^^ {phone pic} a smooch in front of Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree. ^^


My favorite part of this trip was, without a doubt, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.  I am one of those people who will forever remember where I was and what I was doing the day of the 9/11 attacks on the United States.  I watch every single 9/11 documentary that I see on TV and cry uncontrollably for the victims and their families.  So of course going to the museum, I knew what was going to happen… I turned into a weeping puddle of mush.  The museum brings to life recollections of the day that you would never see on TV.  Vivid pictures of people taking their own lives, powerful final phone calls & voice messages left on answering machines of trapped victims calling their families to say “good-bye”, pictures of protestors begging for New York not to “rebuild on their family members grave”… heartbreaking.

Although the memories are very depressing, the museum also highlighted the true heroes of that horrific day.  Obviously they honored the brave men and women of the FDNY & NYPD, but they also told stories of unknown heroes.  One story in particular really stuck with me, there were a group of workers in the World Trade Center that worked with a gentleman who was wheelchair bound.  When they realized that they needed to evacuate they knew that they would need to carry this paralyzed man down the 80+ flights of stairs as a team.  Even though there was mad chaos all around them, it was hot and congested with people frantically trying to get out, and the man was becoming increasingly heavier the further down they got, they did not give up.  They saved that guy!

Anyway, if you are ever in the New York area, please go visit the memorial and museum.


^^ Even in the rain, the memorial pools are so beautiful. ^^



^^ beams from one of the original towers ^^


^^ Missing Posters :: After 9/11 family members and friends of those who had not returned home from the World Trade Center posted missing person fliers throughout the city.  When hope for survivors faded, the missing fliers became memorials. ^^


^^ “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” -Virgil ^^

This wall was a compilation of work from several different local New York artists.  They were asked to paint a canvas of the color the sky was the day of the attacks.  When put all together it became one big work of art that took my breath away.  So beautiful.


^^ Love that Texas flag in the left hand of Lady Liberty :) ^^

Millennium Park

It wouldn’t be a trip to Chicago without deep dish pizza & a trip to the Bean!  Did you know the Bean’s real name is “Cloud Gate”???  Yep, sure is!  We loved it!  I even got a pic of my little bean in front of the Bean ;) The pictures are pretty self explanatory, so… enjoy!














Thanksgiving in Chicago


This Thanksgiving was spent in chilly, windy Chicago, Illinois.  There are lots of members from my side of the family that reside here and we were lucky enough to spend the holiday at my cousin, Jon, and his wife, Gina’s, gorgeous home!  My mom flew up to Ohio, picked up Grandma and drove over to join us.  When we arrived there was just enough snow on the ground to get a little feel of winter, which was such a treat!

Thanksgiving is such a special time to remember the most important things in life which for me are spending time and making memories with my family.  It’s those irreplaceable moments that I will forever hold dear.  There was an abundance of turkey & sides, Baby D & I were so full we could barely move.  Special thanks go out to Gina who did most of the fabulous cooking (and graciously opened her home to us), and to my Aunt Robin for baking the most delicious deserts!
















Superficial Things I’m Thankful For in 2014

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of the random things I’m thankful for this year that have nothing to do with the actual things we are supposed to be thankful for… But please know that I am ALWAYS thankful for the important things in life i.e. health & family ;)

Alright, here we go!

1.  “Group 1″ boarding when traveling :: seriously, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love being one of the first ones on a plane to make sure you have plenty of overhead space for your carry-ons. Not to mention you get to be all settled in with your headphones on, book in hand, while everyone else walks by all miserable because they were not in “Group 1″. Such a ridiculous thing to be thankful for (not to mention slightly snobby) but for real… I dare you to tell me that you do not enjoy walking to the front of that CRAZY line that people start forming before their group has even been called…  I dare you!

2. Free shipping :: this is self explanatory

3. Too Faced Better Than False Lashes nylon lash extension system :: a friend of mine introduced me this a few months ago, and at first I thought it was a little weird, but after using it a few times I really like the way it makes my lashes so much longer without having to wear fake lashes with sticky glue and all that mess…

It’s a three step process :: 1. add primer with the “activating base” 2. build lashes with the nylon fibers in white tube 3. seal lashes with the base from step 1


4. Top loader washers (SO much better than front loaders in my personal opinion) :: I’ve had both and I just think my clothes get more sanitized and clean in a top loader.  That’s all I have to say about that.

5. Bump Nest body pillows :: life.changing. Since becoming pregnant, my sleeping was almost non-existent.  Not that I didn’t have sleeping problems before pregnancy, but it did get worse… The Bump Nest wraps around your entire body where you can have a pillow between your legs, under your belly, supports your head and neck, and ends at your back where you feel completely comfortable.  Highly recommend for anyone who likes this kind of thing and has problems sleeping.


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow!


Body Butter Challenge :: Complete


So…. the other day I decided to be Martha Stewart and make my own raw organic body butter.  I found this recipe from a mommy blogger I follow and she made it seem easy enough, so I decided to give it a try…  yeah… sure, it was easy, but what a mess! All that melted oil in a simmering pot, then pouring it into the glass jars… I’m pretty sure my house is going to smell of cocoa butter for months.

For those who are willing to take on this well-worth-it challenge:

1 jar of aloe vera butter

1 jar of mango butter

1 jar of coconut oil

1 jar of cocoa butter

1 jar of shea butter

Mix all ingredients in a big pot on low heat until melted, then pour into glass jars (I got mine from Target, 2 for $3).  Once mixture is in the glass jars, place them in the refrigerator to solidify.


I would strongly suggest only using the body butter at night when going to bed because it is very thick and greasy.  I have used it every night since I made it and it has been wonderful on my growing belly, thighs, and back.  It’s very moisturizing and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.  Also, since your skin absorbs up to 80% of what you put on it, it’s healthy for pregnant women with little babies in them ;).

Good luck!

sixteen week bumpdate


Can y’all believe it has been sixteen weeks already??  I can’t!  This tiny {food baby-like} bump and I have been cruising through the months like it’s nothing!  Today we went for a bike ride and stopped to watch the sail boats in the bay, and as I stood there it hit me that in four more weeks I will be half way through my pregnancy.  It’s crazy to think that in a few short months I will be holding this little human that Husband & I have made together.  Such a precious time for me as my body grows in ways it never has before {I’m ready for this bump to SHINE!}, and just waiting for that moment of flutters to happen when I know for sure this wee little baby is doing flips in there… everything is so exciting!  Husband constantly wants to touch my belly and say “hi” to the baby.  According to the books I’m reading & my pregnancy app on my phone, the baby can hear my voice.  I’m assuming he or she can hear Husband’s as well… who knows :-/

Anyway, no crazy cravings to update about.  I literally eat just about anything that’s within reach.  My legs are getting thicker so I’m not quite fitting into my skinny jeans anymore :( but I’m not heartbroken yet!  I’m basing everything on my leather pants.  As long as I can fit into those bad boys, I feel like I’m doing all right! ha ha ha!  I’ve already started ordering some important furniture for the nursery such as the crib and changing table/ dresser thingy which are on backorder through the beginning of the year.  I’ve heard some stories of other mom’s ordering their nursery furniture WAY in advance and they don’t arrive until a few weeks before baby… stressful!!  Hopefully everything will arrive in a timely fashion {including Baby}.

Oh! In case anyone is wondering, we are not finding out the gender.  We had talked about it before we were ever pregnant and decided we want to be surprised. Yes, the suspense is killing me, but I know that waiting will make it so much more special. :)

We can’t wait to meet you, Baby!! Love you so much already!!