Bennett Wesley :: Four Months Old










Well, today my son is four months old. A third of a year has gone by in a flash.  People told me that time would fly when he got here, but MAN (!!) I had know idea it would be this fast.  This little guy really keeps me on my toes.  He is rolling over belly to back and back to belly… completely rolling!  So, basically that means no more, “I’m just going to leave you right here on the bed, you just chill while I fold some towels that have been sitting in a pile for about a week now, you can stare at the ceiling fan and be a happy little camper” NOPE!  No more of that… He is on the move, scooting his way to wherever his chunky legs will take him.  Oh, and he is starting to use his legs to stand up.  Of course he has the help of the people holding him, but he’s getting close to not needing the help at all.  I blame the Jolly Jumper for this fast progression that is starting to depress me.

He is beyond alert.  He is fully engaged with any and all interaction people are willing to give him.  He smiles so big and lets out loud giggles!  It’s seriously my favorite thing so far… the giggles.  It makes my heart swell up about 10x’s it’s size.  Totally bursting with happiness!

This weekend he will be on his third airplane trip since he was born <– my little jet setter :).  I cannot even count how many times he has been to the beach.  Still not diggin the bottle, wears size 3 diapers, has to be held 98.9% of his awake hours… that’s my Bennett!  I am still amazed at how much stuff a little 15+ pound baby needs to make it through an afternoon away from home.  Just thinking about all the crap I lug around makes my back ache.  My legs are covered in bruises from the car seat hitting me in the chins and thighs, I look like I’m in an abusive relationship!  It all just makes me laugh!

Bennett, you bring so much joy to my world.  Your smile is my sunshine on these rainy days we have been having here in Florida.  I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!  I love you more than you know!

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Bennett Wesley :: Three Months Old









Oh, this boy.  What a bundle.  I mean, look at all the emotions from this 5 minute photo session.  He sure keeps me on my toes.  Literally… he does not let me sit down. Bennett has mastered rolling over from his tummy to his back and is extremely close to flipping from his back to his tummy.  He absolutely adores looking at himself in the mirror.  I doubt he knows it’s him in the reflection, it’s almost like he might think it’s a new friend.  He is becoming a really good smiler!  He still loves bath time and is still an avid breast milk only eater… from the source… no bottle.  He is getting so big!  We don’t have another pediatrician appointment for a month so I don’t know his exact stats, but my back and arms are telling me he is huge! ;)

We are starting to have some nice conversations with Bennett, which basically means a lot of cooing and drooling and eyebrow raising ha ha ha…  He really loves talking to Daddy.  Every day when Husband comes home from work, they sit and chat about anything and everything.  B’s fine motor skills with his hands are becoming more and more coordinated.  He can reach out and grab things with ease and he loves feeling our faces.  It’s the sweetest thing!  For entertainment, he enjoys anything with lights and music.  He has to be stimulated at all times.  It’s almost annoying how bored he gets of brand new toys!  Ready to move on to the next… that’s his new motto.

His sleeping habits at the moment are hit or miss.  Never consistent.  One night he is sleeping 8 hours the next he is up every 3 hours ready to eat.  When I’m being awaken in the middle of the night, it’s easy to think it’s the worst night of my life, but as soon as I see that sweet little face I appreciate these little moments alone with my baby boy.  He is just so easy to love.

I cannot wait to see what the next month holds for us!  You are the most exciting thing in my world and I love you so much my precious baby!

Happy 35th Birthday, Husband!



This weekend was all about celebrating my sweet Husband for being born 35 years ago.  His parents came over in the early afternoon and we all went to the Florida Aquarium where Bennett got to enjoy daddy’s birthday as if it were his own ;).  We had the best time.  I was surprised at how interested Bennett was in all the sea creatures.  Husband held him in front of almost every exhibit and we watched him stare off into the tanks full of fish.  After the aquarium, we had an early dinner at Jackson’s Bistro then headed back to the house where we had the heavenly Peanut Butter and Chocolate cake from Wrights Deli.  Funny how now that we have a baby, all we think about is where we can go with him where he will be entertained and/or unheard if he gets loud.  This was the first birthday we have had with him, and it was no longer really about the actual birthday.  Well, it was, but just different.  It was about Husband having a wonderful day with his son.  Such a special first birthday with his baby.






For the first 30 minutes or so after we arrived, Bennett was fast asleep and missed some of the atrium exhibits.  Ha ha ha!  That doesn’t mean I wasn’t still trying to get his picture in front of the cool animals…


^^ Bennett and the sea otter.  He was very interested. ^^









^^ Love this face!!  He’s like, “over this, ready to move on to the next thing” ha ha ha!^^














Husband, you are the best of the best.  Such a great daddy and a wonderful partner in life!  I wish you many more happy birthday’s with memories as special as this one!  I love you more than you know…


12 weeks with you…


It’s been twelve weeks since your life began.  Your beautiful presence has brought so much light to my world, I cannot even express in words how much I love you.  You brighten my day with just the slightest of smiles, I hang on to your every gurgle and coo, and our silent moments while feeding fill my heart to the brim with so much joy.  Every discovery you make I feel as if I’m making that discovery for the first time right with you.  I love watching you learn new things.  Your face lights up at every new object that comes into view and I cannot get enough of it!  Even as I’m writing this, I’m watching you sweetly sleeping on the monitor, kinda hoping you might wake up so I can see your perfect face one more time before I go to bed.  You are the most precious human being I have ever met, and I’m so lucky to be your mommy.  Thank you for making the last twelve weeks of my life so much sweeter, Baby.

Bennett & Aunt Kelly :)

Two weekends ago, my cousin Kelly (basically my sister) came down to Florida to visit us and meet Mr. Bennett.  He absolutely adored her!!  We (he & I both) never wanted her to leave!!  She is so amazing with babies, WAY better than I ever was!  She even babysat for an afternoon so that Husband & I could go on a date!  Wow, we needed that.  I appreciate her so much!  Come back Kelly!!  We love you so much!



One of the nights she was here, we left the babe with Husband and went out for a ladies night at The Canopy at the Birchwood.  It was a beautiful view of the pier and the marina with the sunset & the heat lightening, it was great!  Can’t wait to take Husband with me next time (whenever that may be…)!


On Sunday we all headed down to St. Pete for some lunch at the wonderful Locale Market.  Started off a little messy with some rain, but we survived and the day turned out to be beautiful!  Sitting right next to us at LM was this wonderful couple who were parents to SIX (!!!!), yes, SIX (!!) kids all under the age of ten.  I was amazed at what a great team they were… it was organized chaos that I could not keep my eyes off of.  So of course I had to walk over and talk to the mom.  She had twins (a boy & a girl) then about a year later they had another boy, THEN they had TRIPLETS!!!!!  It was impressive.  The triplets were only 3.5 months old.  They were feeding those babies like it was nothing!  It was a symphony of crying, but they were not frazzled.  I would be a NUT CASE!  Ha ha ha… Anyway, they were inspiring and made me realize my work with Bennett is not that hard. ;)








It was a really great weekend with one of my favorite people in the world.  Can’t wait to see you again in a few weeks, Kel!

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