Bennett Wesley :: First Time Beachin’


Well, Bennett & I decided that since daddy was going to a wedding in the Caymans for the weekend, we were going to make a trip to the beach!  To be completely honest, 2.5 hours in the car for three week old Bennett was a little ambitious for me.  The ride over wasn’t too bad. Only had to stop twice (once for a diaper change, the other for a feeding & diaper change), and once we got to the beach, we were happy little clams.  We had lots of family there to help with all our needs so that made things a lot easier.  Couldn’t have done it by myself…

The ride back on the other hand, that was a whole new ball game for me.  Bennett did not get a very good nights sleep Saturday night, so the screeching and wailing continued from the wee hours of the morning (2:30-3:00 AM) all the way until we got home the next day.  Yes, pretty much the entire car trip back was miserable for both of us… I’m not going to even try to sugar coat that one.  My thoughts are, having done that tiny first trip by myself, I can handle the crazy spells of this baby.  I stayed calm (because I can totally see how new parents can become so stressed out and frustrated when this kind of event takes place), pulled over to comfort him when I could, and once we got home he was happy and peaceful.  I think that all the driving got him frazzled and he started to resent his car seat.  Felt bad for my little dude.  But we did it!  And that first is done and over with!

But as you guys can see from the pictures, Bennett was not super impressed with the beach.  In fact, he slept on my shoulder the whole time we were out there!  I think he did enjoy the breeze and the sound of the waves hitting the shore though :).  I think the more we go back and the older he gets, the better it will be.  I cannot wait for the time we go and he actually puts his little toes in the sand and feels the water on his skin.  It’s going to be so much fun!

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend with family & friends!








^^ Unfortunately, every picture I took at the beach that day turned out splotchy like this because I didn’t realize I got sunscreen on the lens :(… next time I’ll be more careful! ^^

My First Mother’s Day



I don’t think my first Mother’s Day could have been any sweeter!  Came downstairs ready to head to brunch and this is what I found ^^ my perfect little baby (not to mention… fresh diaper & clothed & in car seat ready to go) and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from him and Husband :).  Husband really stepped up his game and made my day so special, gosh he’s the best.  Love you, Husband!




^^ Big yawn ^^




^^ Bennett with Daddy, Uncle Jason, & Uncle Derrick ^^






^^ Now… a little shout out to the special women in my life ^^

Baby Bennett could not have been more blessed.  These two ladies have raised the bar for Grandma’s everywhere!  Not only have they helped me pretty much every single day by holding, comforting, and loving on Bennett to give me time to shower and even take naps (!!!), they also change dirty diapers,  clean floors & bathrooms, make Husband & I wonderful meals, and are always bringing Bennett lots of gifts!  Goodness, I thought they were amazing mom’s!  They are even more amazing GRANDMA’S!  My heart loves the way they love my baby :)

I hope all the Mommy’s out there had a wonderful day!  WE deserve it! ;)

Bennett Wesley :: One Week New




Does this not look just like a baby version of Husband?!?  My mother in law sent me a picture of Husband when he was just a few days or weeks old and it was the mirror image of Baby Bennett!  Their mouths and chins are the same, and I’m pretty sure he got his long legs, hands/ fingers, and feet from Husband.  But it’s all good, I’m not upset that he got a lot of his Daddy’s good looks ;)

The bigger issue is, how has my baby already been a part of our lives for a whole week already?!?  He is the most precious little human!  And boy are we obsessed with him!  Every sneeze, hiccup, yawn, fart, burp… we ooh & aah over!  He has just enhanced our lives to a new level that I cannot even begin to explain!  We are so in love.

Bennett’s favorite things to do multiple times a day are:





He has lots of places that he prefers to sleep:

Mommy’s Arms

Daddy’s Arms

Grandma’s Arms (both grandmas)

The Boppy Lounger


He appreciates warm wipes when being changed, loves milk from Mom, and has no interest in the mutts (Sasha & Layla) as of yet.  He likes to wake up at least 3 to 4 times a night and hates getting sponge baths.  I’m really hoping that changes.  He absolutely loves riding in the car, stretching out his arms and legs after a really good nap, and being swaddled.

Tomorrow we have our newborn session with our photographer and I could not be more excited!  I will be sure to share them with everyone as soon as I get them!

We love you Baby Bennett!  Love, Mommy & Daddy

Boy, Oh Boy! It’s A Boy!

Husband & I would like to formally introduce our beautiful baby boy to the blog:

Bennett Wesley Dietrich



Date of birth: Friday, May 1, 2015

Time: 10:15 AM

Weight: 9 lbs 3.6 oz


Length: 22 & 3/4 inches 



Welcome to the world my precious little (well… he’s not that little ha ha ha…) baby.  You have completely stolen Mommy & Daddy’s heart and we are so excited to share our lives with you!


Baby Dietrich’s Nursery







Crib: Airin Spindle Crib

Dresser/ Changing Table: Marcelle Dresser

Rocking Chair: Finn Rocker from Anthropologie (I don’t believe they sell the icicle color anymore)

Moroccan Pouf Ottoman:

Rattan Elephant Head: Decorative Arts Vero Beach

Shaggy White Rug: HomeGoods

Dreamcatcher Mobile: handmade by my sweet friend, Brittani

Just wanted to share a few pictures (sorry they aren’t very clear since they are from my phone) of the nursery before Baby Dietrich gets here.  I call my theme “Bohemian Safari Chic” because I wanted something gender neutral (obviously), but still my style.  Husband did all of the hanging of art & curtains on the windows.  He is just so good at that! ;)  The only thing I do not have at this time is my wall mounted book shelf that was supposed to be here last week, but I have just been informed it will not be here until mid-May.  Booooooo!!!  I also do not have very many baby clothes yet… I figured I have a whole lifetime to buy lots of adorable outfits.  I imagine it will be like: one cute outfit for baby, one cute outfit for mommy ;).  Anyway, this is now my favorite room in the house.  I go in there all the time just to sit in the rocking chair and stare at all the things Baby D will soon be using on a regular basis.  It’s just the sweetest little room… now all we need is a Baby!  Hurry up little one, we are all waiting!

Cuatro Años

^^ Man oh man, how I love this Man!  ^^

Today marks our four year wedding anniversary, so I thought I would share a few “cutting the cake” photos with my readers.  What a special, sweet day that was…

I look back on the last four years and think to myself, wow!  Look at all that we have accomplished, all the people we have met, all the friends that we have made, all the places we have traveled, all the memories we will keep forever…  and it’s only been four years of marriage!  Of course there are lows (I would never say life is perfect), but when reflecting on our short amount of time as a married couple, I would have to say that we overcome those rough obstacles with grace.  And now, we have a little baby who will be arriving at any moment!  Expanding our family is probably the most exciting experience we will ever have and I cannot wait for this new chapter of life to start!

Husband, you make me the happiest woman in the whole world.  You work so hard and do everything possible to enhance our life together… and I just want you to know, I appreciate you in every way.  I am so proud to be your wife, the mother of your child, and your partner in life.  You are so wonderful!

I love you.  Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!