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Another amazing shower for Baby D!  My sweet, sweet friend Kelly T. hosted and it was a wonderful success!  She had cute little blue mason jars with pink & white striped straws for beverages, twine & wooden clothespins for pictures of Husband & I when we were babies, and little cards for all the guests to write wishes for Baby D on!  We had so much fun with the ribbon game, where everyone guesses the size of the belly with ribbon and compares it to mine and my cousin Kelly H. (from Chicago) flew down for the occasion and brought a word scramble game that was super entertaining as well (even had to do a run-off since 2 people tied)!  I am beyond appreciative of all the love, support, and gifts for this little baby of mine.  I cannot thank everyone enough!

Just a few short weeks left before we all get to meet this sweet baby!

Thirty-three Week Bumpdate


We have officially entered the single digits when counting down the weeks left before Baby D makes his or her debut! WOW!  I cannot even put into words how excited I’m getting!  Yesterday, my sweet friend Kelly threw a shower for Baby D at her lovely home and, once again, Baby & I were showered with so much love and support.  I have lots of pictures to sort through from the event, but I will post all about it later this week.

As for this bumpdate, I don’t think I ever addressed the three hour glucose test results from a few weeks ago… everything came back normal :) Being half way through my third trimester, I am starting to fall into those symptoms that everyone has warned me about (not sleeping, lack of energy, feeling HUGE ha ha ha).  These last 7 weeks are going to be tough, but I’m hanging in there…

Last night Husband & I were out at dinner with my mom & my cousin Kelly, when my mom (or it might have been Kelly… pregnancy brain) asked us what we are most excited about with the baby.  This is a great question because there are a million and one things that we are excited about.  My biggest excitements, at the current moment, would have to be the baby cuddles and giggles.  I’m also looking forward to seeing and experiencing everything through my child’s eyes, such as Christmas, birthdays, Disney, traveling, etc… Husband is more excited about the closer future stuff like actually knowing what the gender of the baby is and what he or she are going to look like :) At the baby shower, Kelly had us bring baby pictures of Husband & I that she put on display with twine and wooden clothes pins (which was super cute by the way).  Anyway, while examining the pictures, you start to wonder what characteristics Baby is going to have.  Husband had almost white blonde hair growing up, where I was always very much a brunette.  He has light eyes, I have dark.  He has a cute dimple in his chin and cheek, I do not… bottom line, he was cuter than me ha ha ha!  Just playin’ we were both pretty darling little kids.  But I agree with him, I’m just as excited about seeing what traits Baby has from both of us!

I get lots of questions about how the nursery is coming along and I’m happy to let everyone know that all the essentials are here thanks to all the wonderful friends and family members who have spoiled Baby D over the last few months. I’m just waiting on my rocker (which is on backorder until April 10th) and my bookshelf which should be here in April as well… then I will take some final pictures of the whole room with details of where everything is from, but here are some before’s and progress:

IMG_0269 IMG_0266

IMG_0270 IMG_0272 IMG_0284


I will make sure to do a final nursery reveal in a few weeks once it’s complete!

I have a ton of pictures from Grand Cayman that I still need to share on here in addition to the baby shower.  Life has been so hectic (in a good way) these last few weeks, I just need a few more days to organize and collect my thoughts so I have all the fun stuff to write about!  Thanks again for following along!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Proof I went in the water at Stingray City…

Not a fan.

It took every ounce of my being to get in that water… those monsters were huge and rode in packs of about fifteen.  I did not stay independent for very long.  About ninety five seconds in, I turned into a koala bear and Husband was the tree… so, no proof that I actually touched one with my bare hand (I promise I did!!!)!  Just that I got in… eh, that will have to do.  Don’t think I will EVER do this agin…








Babymooning in Grand Cayman!


Spending the week virgin cocktail sippin’ (wink) and sunset cruisin’ around the Cayman Islands!  This place reminds me so much of Turks and Caicos… the water is the perfect shade of turquoise and is clear as glass.  I don’t think I will ever get over the beauty of the Caribbean.  Today we are heading out to do some snorkeling and visit the famous Stingray City.  I’m actually very nervous about this… I know that kids do this, and the creatures are tame, but all I can think about is what happened to poor old Steve Irwin.  I gotta put my big girl pants on!  Conquering another fear today! ;) Wish me luck!


Twenty-Nine Week Bumpdate


Happy Valentine’s Day!  & hooray(!!!) for officially being in my third and final trimester!

Woke up this morning to some gorgeous red roses, Starbucks, lots of puppy kisses, and plenty of ninja kicks from Baby D ;).  Best Valentine’s Day morning yet!  Life could not be sweeter! Oh my goodness, this baby is so active, the nights of no sleep that I have been dreading have begun.  It’s constant movement all day every day.  At my last OB appointment, the doctor told me a active baby is a happy baby :).  I sure hope this baby is a happy camper in there… we are not quite ready for he or she to make their debut just yet.  11 weeks to go and the next time I bumpdate we will be in the single digits.  I’m still feeling pretty good although the simple tasks of life are definitely getting harder.  Bending over to pick things up off the floor, shaving my legs, lifting myself up out of bed, etc… all becoming more and more challenging.  But nothing I can’t handle and it’s nice knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel getting a little brighter.

In health related news, I had the always popular glucose test done at my last appointment.  I got the call last week that the test results were inconclusive and that I have to now go in for the three hour test.  Boooooo….. not looking forward to that.  But ladies, stop telling preggo women that the glucose drink is soooooo terrible.  It’s not.  Just get the fruit punch flavor, it literally tastes just like cherry kool-aid.  Not bad at all.  I’ll update y’all with my results from the long test next week.

Something I keep repeating in my head is: wow, this is the last Valentine’s Day as a family of two.  I thought the same thing on New Years, Christmas, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc… I was talking to Husband this morning about it.  I asked him if he had thought about the fact that this time next year we are going to have a little rugrat probably crawling around and trying to pull itself up on all the furniture and tormenting the dogs ;)  It got me all giddy inside. I’m so looking forward to every little thing!  Can’t wait to be a mommy!  Love you Baby D!  Now I’m off to celebrate the day with my Boo Thang!  The days of my posts being solely about Husband seem to be tapering off ha ha ha!  It’s all about Baby!  But I do love you Husband, I couldn’t imagine being on this journey without you.  You are going to be the best Daddy in the whole world!


Showering Baby Dietrich In Houston

 This weekend was spent showering Baby Dietrich with lots of love and presents in my home town.  A little background that some may or may not know about me, I come from a very large family.  Specifically, my dad’s side of the family is huge!  He is one of seven children (all boys and one girl), each of his siblings are married and have multiple children, so the cousins are endless, and I’m so blessed to be a part of it!  A handful of my sweet aunt’s came together and devoted lots of time and energy into making this event for Baby D super special.  And special it was!  I couldn’t have asked for anything better!  My cousin (and bridesmaid from my wedding), Jennifer, put together the games, one of which was “Price is Right” themed- FUN FACT:: in college I was on the The Price is Right. Yes, they called my name.  Yes, I was the closest bidder and got on stage.  Yes, it was back in the day when Bob Barker was still the host.  No, I did not kiss him on the cheek (he was wearing more makeup than me and he was soooo oldddddddd…). No, I didn’t win a car. Yes, I spun the wheel.  Yes, it was heavy.  Anyway, the game was great, we had to price out baby swag and whoever got the closest to the actual price of everything won a bag of goodies!  Cute idea, right?!?  Thanks Jen! You’re awesome.

I really want to thank everyone (even those who couldn’t be there and were spoiling Baby D from afar) for making the shower so wonderful.  It’s a whole new experience when so many people show so much love to your baby who isn’t even born yet.  I cannot wait for each and every one of you to meet Baby in a few short weeks!


Please enjoy some of the pics from the shower, sorry some are a little blurry, they are from multiple cameras and phones…


















And for the mommy-to-be’s who happen to be reading along with my journey and want to know where my dress is from, you can find it here.